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    A first timer’s guide to… last minute holidays

    A first timer’s guide to… last minute holidays

    Some of you may be used to booking your holidays in advance. Perhaps, you think the self-induced stress of looking for the perfect deal for a last minute holiday isn’t worth it. But, let us tell you now, it’s a great feeling when you bag that last minute holiday for a fantastic price. Finding a late deal doesn’t have to be difficult and taxing either. So, if you’re looking for the perfect cheap holiday, follow our first timer’s guide on last minute holidays.


    First and foremost, patience is a huge part of bagging a last minute holiday. Sometimes, a lot of waiting is involved in order to get the cheapest deal possible. This is because the term ‘last minute’ doesn’t necessarily mean this weekend or next week. For many travel sites, it means up to 10 weeks before your departure date. Prices will begin to drop around 8-10 weeks before your chosen departure date. You will start to see some great deals closer to your departure date as hotel rooms and planes need to fill up their empty spots. However, this strategy is risky, so be aware that you might not always get a desired deal when waiting it out.


    As well as patience, you have to have some flexibility too. This might mean being flexible in your destination, flight times, airport locations etc. This way you’ll be sure to find the cheapest holiday and route possible. A lot of cheap flights are at undesirable times such as, really early mornings or super late nights. You have to be willing to consider these if you want a last minute deal.

    Make sure you do your research

    Most likely the first appealing deal you come across isn’t always the best. It’s better to dig a little deeper and keep searching. You never know, you might come across an even better deal! Our smart search function allows you to filter factors which are important for you, making it easy to compare deals for different holidays on our site. Remember you don’t have to waste time looking for something cheaper every time you find a great deal. If it suits you and your budget, book it!

    Discount codes

    Let’s face it, we search for discount codes for everything else… why don’t we do it for holidays? You might come up short when looking for discount codes and it might feel like a waste of time. But, if you really are looking to lower your holiday price, there’s no harm in trying. Sites like Groupon sometimes have travel offers, so keep your eyes peeled. You can also sign up to our online travel newsletters or price alerts. This way you can keep up with discounted prices or great last minute deals.

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