• The Ultimate Honeymoon Checklist

    The Ultimate Honeymoon Checklist

    Counting down her top tips for packing for your honeymoon Tina Reading, from Ultimate Wedding Magazine. Tina not only edits the magazine, but has a wealth of experience in the travel industry; making her the ideal person to help you plan your wedding or honeymoon abroad.

    So, after all the excitement of the big day, you are off on your next BIG adventure – your honeymoon! You may be leaving the day after, or waiting a few days before you depart, but this is my essential honeymoon checklist:

    The list

    This may sound silly, but it’s essential you write a list of everything you wish to take with you – then tick it off as you pack. You’d be surprised how many forget key items in the excitement of throwing everything into that case! Once you’ve packed, put the list in your bag, and use it as a checklist upon your return, to ensure you haven’t left anything behind.

    Pack in advance

    Honestly, do not leave this until the last minute. You’ll either find you have too much to take, or one item you wanted is still in the dirty washing! Pack a few days before, giving you time to pick up any items you’re missing.


    Two words for you here: rolling and shoes! When packing, roll everything. Honestly, it uses up much less room, and your clothes arrive smooth and not creased. Also put your undies, socks, etc. into your shoes (providing they are lovely smelling shoes, of course!). On the subject of shoes, don’t take too many; you won’t need ten pairs of heels and six pairs of flip-flops! Ensure you have a good, sturdy pair of walking shoes/trainers with you, you never know, you might want to go off-track to explore and look at the local sites.


    Isn’t it just the worst thing when you arrive and open your case to find shampoo everywhere? My best advice is to decant what you need into smaller, travel size bottles. Put these into a secure bag for travelling. Take miniatures too, that way you can just bin/recycle them, giving you more room for holiday purchases.

    Make sure you pack all items securely, including your medications (honeymoon babies?), sun cream and make-up. Remember, airlines now have strict guidelines about liquids in hand luggage, and you really don’t need foundation at 35,000 feet – what you do need is a decent moisturiser. I always keep a handbag sized one on me, perfect for relaxing on the flight. Regarding medication, make sure you check a month before you fly if you need to order anything, thus avoiding any last minute panics at the doctors.



    Make sure you have your passport, money, tickets and visas all together. I put mine in a travel wallet, so I can clearly see them in the bottomless pit, also known as my handbag. But, remember you must take the passport out of a holder to present at customs, otherwise they will tut disapprovingly whilst you hold up the queue. Also, some countries require a local currency payment prior to entry (Turkey for example), so ensure you have ordered sufficient money for the first three days. It’s always good to roll up some spare dosh in your case, just for emergency purposes.

    Also be careful when away to protect your belongings. Use the hotel safe if possible and keep an eye where you put these.

    Checking in

     When packing, the best thing to do is split your contents between both cases, just in case the dreaded ‘my case has gone missing’ should occur.

    Watch the weight! If possible, make sure you’re five kilograms under your required weight so you can bring back gifts and keepsakes.


     A must-have for me on holiday is an underwater camera. These are just fabulous and I love the small ones that you can use in all terrains, great for capturing those essential moments and memories.


    If you are marrying abroad, it is essential that you check with your airline as they all have different regulations regarding transporting dresses.

    Some will insist this is checked into the hold, in which case, get the dress professional packed. Others will allow you to take it into the cabin, if in a bag, but they have limited space available, so again this might be squashed.

    Check with your hotel that they have facilities to steam the dress to rid those creases, and all will be fine; you will look gorgeous on that beach!


    Airlines are notoriously tight with upgrades! However, there are some basic rules to remember if you think you are ambitious enough to try for one.

    Contact the airline prior to flying (about six weeks) and let them know this is a very special occasion, then contact again just a couple of days prior to the flight. The manifests will be in preparation and some kind person might put a comment by your names. This will be picked up either by check-in or crew, and if space available and you are dressed accordingly, they might just move you.

    Relax and Enjoy

    You have made the list, you have packed the essential items, time now for you to fly off and enjoy. Whether you are going to a hot or cold climate, this time is now yours for total relaxation.

    Have a fabulous honeymoon!

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