• The ultimate Lanzarote holiday checklist

    The ultimate Lanzarote holiday checklist

    Lanzarote is one of the highlights of the Canary Islands… but it isn’t all just beaches and sunshine. In fact, you could have plenty of interesting days out on the island. If you’re building your itinerary for when you arrive, look no further than our ultimate Lanzarote checklist!

    1. Explore the Timanfaya National Park

    If there’s one thing that Lanzarote is known for, it’s the striking volcanic landscapes and terrain. One of the best ways to explore these sights is with a day out to Timanfaya National Park. Also referred to as Montañas del Fuego by the locals, the park gives you a look into the island’s volcanic tendencies.

    What can you expect to see at this national park? Well, the rocky terrain will no doubt attract your attention, as well as the compelling palette of colours. Plus, you’ll see silhouettes of volcanoes and the island’s rugged coastline. But before you explore the intriguing landscapes, you might want to start your trip at the Visitor Centre. Located in Mancha Blanca, the centre offers an exhibition as well as an audiovisual programme.

    Cueva de los Verdes

    Cueva de los Verdes – Image credit: Turismo Lanzarote

    Then, you’ll have a range of fun and exciting ways to get around the park. Discover the Montañas del Fuego (where you’ll pay an entrance fee) and enjoy a bus tour down Ruta de los Volcanes. If you’re feeling peckish, you can always head to El Diablo restaurant for a bite to eat served with a side of panoramic park views. Interestingly, food in El Diablo is cooked on an open furnace which uses heat from the volcano. If you fancy a more adventurous way to roam around the park, make your way to Echadero de Camellos and hop on a camel. On the other hand, there are a couple of walking trails – Tremensana Route (2km long and must be reserved from the Visitor centre) and Coastal Route (along the coast and can be walked independently or with a guide).

    2. Admire the views at Mirador del Rio

    Hopefully you’re not scared of heights for this one! Either way, the vistas are well worth the trip to the top of this viewpoint. Mirador del Rio was designed by none other than Lanzarote-born architect and artist, César Manrique. It bears all the typical Manrique markings and keeps in touch with the island’s volcanic landscapes. Situated in the north of Lanzarote, the viewpoint stands at an altitude of 474m and overlooks the stunning island of La Graciosa and the rest of the Chinijo Islands. Whilst you’re at the top, spend your time taking all those instagrammable snaps and then head to the café for a bite to eat or the boutique shop for a bit of window shopping.

    3. Ride the waves at Famara Beach

    Many head to Lanzarote simply for watersports, so why not challenge yourself and try out surfing, which is popular on the island. Famara Beach is one of the best spots to head to for surfing. Not only will you have perfect surfing conditions, but also amazing views of the Caleta de Famara village and the nearby cliffs. On top of that, the beach is 6km long, so you’ll have plenty of space for a wide range of great activities. Surfing isn’t the only thing you’ll see happening at Famara, in fact, kitesurfing and windsurfing is all the rage in Lanzarote too. Plus, if you’d prefer to simply bathe in the sea, you can do that as well!

    4. Visit Cueva de Los Verdes

    La Corona Volcano formed one of the longest tunnels on the planet. But it’s also home to sixteen caves (at least!). The tunnel covers a vast area – more than 6km and this length goes from the crater of the volcano to the sea. There’s also an underwater part called Túnel de la Atlántida which covers an area of one and a half kilometres. If you visit Cueva de Los Verdes during your time in Lanzarote, you’ll be able to see part of this tunnel up close and see the enchanting intricacies that this natural wonder has to offer.

    5. Roam around the vineyards

    Call yourself a wine lover? Then, you don’t need a better excuse to taste some of Lanzarote’s best wines! In fact, the island has perfect conditions for the grapes to grow thanks to sunshine and condensation from the volcanic rocks. If you’ve always been interested in the process of wine making and wish to see it for yourself, make sure it’s one of the things you tick off your checklist whilst in Lanzarote. There are loads of organised tours which arrange a visit to one of the island’s vineyards. Depending on the tour you choose, you’ll learn all about the process of making wine, from growing the grapes to selling bottles in the shop. Some sites may also have museums, shops or restaurants, so wine tasting may be on the agenda too!

    6. Be amazed by Museo Atlántico

    It’s always great to visit museums as you can learn all about the art, history and culture of where you’re visiting. But how about a museum with a twist? How about witnessing art that will help the environment in years to come? The Museo Atlántico combines the two and has become the first underwater museum in Europe that also has benefits for the ecosystem.

    Museo Atlantico

    Image credit: Jason deCaires Taylor/CACT Lanzarote

    Created by Jason deCaires Taylor and situated in the Bahia de Las Coloradas, the museum’s intentions are to not only be creative but to also create something that is worthy for the environment. The ultimate goal is to form a large coral reef from the 300 sculptures which lie at the bottom of the sea. They’re made from cement which has a neutral PH which in turn will grow marine biomass over time.  Don’t forget… you must book with an official diving centre to visit the museum! So, get your scuba diving kit on and dive right into the deep end and explore these fascinating sculptures.

    7. Dine at Jameos del Agua

    Jameos del Agua is yet another volcanic wonder! Located within a tunnel produced from the Corona Volcano eruption, this beauty is close to the island’s coastline. It’s home to an interior lake which was caused by the sea filtering through the cave, ss a result, it got its name ‘Jameos del Agua’. The lake is beautiful to look at, but it also serves as a tranquil and charming setting for the Jameos del Agua restaurant.

    The restaurant creates traditional Canary Islands cuisine with an innovative twist. Try a range of seafood like grilled octopus, shrimp and wreckfish, or taste Spanish delights like Iberian ham and a selection of tasty local sauces. Afterwards, sit back and enjoy a traditional music concert for a truly magical moment. Jameos del Agua serves as the perfect backdrop for a romantic meal with a loved one. Plus, it provides you with a unique experience that only Lanzarote could offer.

    Jameos del Agua

    Image credit: Turismo Lanzarote

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