• Your Holiday Checklist

    Your Holiday Checklist

    Have you ever had that recurrent pre-holiday nightmare? You’re at the airport, you’re really excited, and you look in your bag for your passport. Then the awful realisation slowly dawns – you left it on the table at home! Aaaaagh! You wake up screaming, determined to make sure that never happens to you in reality.

    We want your holiday to go smoothly just as much as you do, so we’ve prepared an essential holiday checklist. Just print it out, check it off, take a deep breath – and relax! Your holiday will be fantastic and worry-free!

    Holiday checklist

    Just to reinforce how truly annoying forgetting something can be, here are a few of our own planning faux pas…


    “I’m travelling to Thailand, I won’t need a jumper… right?” WRONG! While many scorching days will have you topping up your sun tan lotion and reaching for the water, those cold nights and over air-conditioned bus journeys will make you feel like you’ve booked a trip to the Arctic! Take advice from a traveller who fashioned a sarong as a blanket for many chilly nights – it’s not cool to be cold!


    When I was off to Madrid in February, I almost forgot my passport – as I was walking to my car I realised I had left my bedroom light on (it was 4am), so I went back to switch it off and realised my passport was on the floor in the middle of the bedroom!


    My family and I forgot to book the transfer service to our hotel from Bangkok airport. For anyone that has tried to just get a taxi last minute from Bangkok Airport before, they will know this is a terrible idea. After over an hour of queuing to get through passport control, we then had to wait in another ridiculously long queue just to get a cab. They have a ticket system, no simple ‘we’ll just hail a taxi’ there!


    For my trip to Greece last year, I had to catch a flight that was set to depart at 6am, which meant getting to the airport ridiculously early! After scrabbling around in the dark, I managed to drag myself out of the house at about 3.30am, suitcase, handbag and passport all accounted for. However, once we got to the check-in queue, I reached into my bag to check the time on my phone, only to find that it wasn’t there! I’d managed to leave it on the floor at home…rather annoying when it doubles up as your camera and iPod as well!


    This is a story on behalf of my boyfriend on our holiday to Menorca last year. After a lovely week away we headed back to the airport in our hire car which was to be returned that evening before we set off home. After an hour’s drive to the airport we unloaded the car only to find my boyfriend’s passport was not in his hand luggage, or any other case for that matter! After a few tears from myself and a call to immigration to see if we could find any sort of loop hole, it was decided I would be heading home alone that night! My boyfriend however still had to endure a €60 taxi ride back to the villa (where said passport was hiding behind the bed), dishing out another £80 for a next-day flight and another €60 taxi ride to the airport the following morning! We always double and triple check for our passports now – both flying out and flying home!

    So, if you rather not feel as foolish as us while enjoying your next getaway, remember to tick off all your holiday items as you go along! What essentials have you forgotten to take on holiday? Share your stories by commenting below.

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