• Why we love Zante

    Why we love Zante

    Zante has long been considered a reveller’s favourite resort destination and don’t get us wrong, the nightlife here is exciting, lively and fun. However, there is so much more to this Greek island that doesn’t get enough credit. Zante can be an island favourite for every type of holidaymaker as it is a destination teeming with beautiful sights, rich culture and thrilling things to do. So, if this Greek island is on your list of places to visit, find out the reasons we love Zante.

    Navagio Beach

    The bays

    We’ve all seen the iconic pictures of Zante’s famous bays and coves and they are simply stunning. To experience them in real life truly is something amazing. Zante is brimming with natural beauty and Navagio Beach alone is full of it. This beach is often referred to as Smugglers’ Cove or Shipwreck Bay and it is a wonderful part of the island’s coastline. This little bay can only be reached by boat, but it is so worth it. Once there, you’ll find sparkling turquoise waters, white pebbles and surrounding cliffs. You can’t get more picturesque than here.


    Of course, Zante is known for its party scene, and it should be experienced during a trip to the island. The busy resort of Laganas is the main hub for nightlife. Home to lively nightclubs and bustling beachfront bars. Laganas’ Main Street is full of youngsters having the time of their lives, as it is home to huge clubs like Rescue, Zeros and Medousa. However, that crazy scene isn’t for everyone, so luckily, Laganas does have a quieter side to it as well. Head towards the beachfront of Laganas and you’ll find smaller bars, restaurants and tavernas where you can relax and enjoy the evening.


    History and culture

    As we said before, Zante is known for its party atmosphere. But, when you visit the island, there is so much to uncover culturally and historically. Like all the Greek islands, history plays quite a big part in their popularity, lifestyle and culture. It’s clear to see a bit of ancient Greece and its past throughout Zante. From the stunning architecture of old churches to small towns around the island. If that’s not enough history and culture for you, head to the Byzantine Museum of Zakynthos, as there is always so much more to learn about this lovely island.


    We can all appreciate a hot sunny climate and a Zante holiday won’t disappoint, especially if good weather if what you’re looking for. Zante shares a Mediterranean climate meaning wonderful weather is almost always on the cards. The summer months are hot, and the winters are slightly cooler and mild. July and August are the hottest months to visit Zante, as you can enjoy highs of 32˚C/33˚C.

    Spectacular scenery

    We can’t emphasise enough how beautiful Zante is. The before mentioned Navagio Beach is a great place to start when it comes to experiencing stunning scenery on the island, but it doesn’t end there. The more you explore the island, you’ll come across fantastic beaches and even more fascinating rock formations, bays and coves. Highlighting the uniqueness of Zante’s coastline. Due to the island’s coastline, it’s a great idea to discover more of Zante by boat, that way you can truly appreciate the island’s beauty.

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