• Why we love The Gambia

    Why we love The Gambia

    The Gambia is a small country located in West Africa, but don’t let its size fool you! Bordered right the way around by Senegal, the narrow land of The Gambia packs a punch when it comes to abundant wildlife and diverse landscapes. Not only that, but a trip to The Gambia promises sandy beaches along its narrow Atlantic coastline. Gambia holidays are perfect for those who love to spend their time outdoors, exploring nature reserves, charming fishing villages and exotic beaches. The Gambia has fast become a devoted traveller’s dream, welcoming visitors with open arms. If a trip to Gambia is on the cards, find out why we love the Gambia!

    The warm welcome

    To kick things off, The Gambia is full of friendly locals who will get your journey started off on the right foot. You’ll be met with an abundance of smiles, which comes as no surprise thanks to Gambia’s nickname as ‘the smiling coast’. Another great plus is that many Gambians are bilingual. In fact, the official language of the country is English, which will no doubt add to the ease of arriving and travelling around Gambia. The culture you’ll experience during Gambia holidays further enhances this sense of belonging and a warm welcome. Whether it’s the music, dancing or clothing which catches your eye, you’ll no doubt enjoy the interactions you’ll have with the locals.

    Smiling locals in The Gambia

    Rich wildlife

    Many people flock to The Gambia to catch a glance at some of the wonderful species that the country boasts. Encounter everything from over 560 species of bird to crocodiles and even primates. There’s no doubt that if bird-watching is a favourite past time of yours, The Gambia is a must visit destination. Head out on a tour with a local guide to learn even more about Gambia’s birds. A trip to the Abuko Nature Reserve will have you admiring six primate species, monitor lizards, snakes and crocodiles. For a closer look at the crocs, head to Katchikally Crocodile Pool which also includes a museum.

    Red Colombus Monkey in Gambia

    Photo credit: accessgambia.co.uk

    Beautiful beaches

    Gambia holidays are never complete without a trip to one of its lovely beaches. The palm tree lined stretches of sand carry on into the distance for what seems like ages. Immerse yourself in the Atlantic or simply go for a stroll along Gambia’s sandy shores. Bijilo is a great spot, especially during the summer months. Whilst Kotu is wonderful for some winter sun! On top of that, the climate is always great in Gambia making a beach holiday to the country even better. There are plenty of secluded beaches, but even the more popular ones don’t get overcrowded. So, you can relax within a peaceful and spacious environment!

    Beach in Gambia

    Photo credit: gambia.co.uk

    Colourful markets

    During your Gambia holiday, you’ll no doubt come across loads of little markets hosted by the locals. Explore the Royal Albert Market held on Liberation Avenue in Gambia’s capital of Banjul. Consisting of three separate markets, you’ll come across a combination of clothing items, jewellery, fascinating art work and other bits and bobs. On the other hand, the other markets sell a range of fruit and veg, as well as fish and other slabs of meat. Even if you’re not thinking about buying anything, a wander around Gambia’s markets are worth it. You’ll get a feel for the hustle and bustle of The Gambia and the authentic vibe.

    Royal Albert Market in Gambia

    Photo credit: gambia.co.uk

    Its convenience from the UK

    The Gambia is only six hours away from London, making it a suitable flight time for a long haul destination. Another benefit is that it shares the same time zone as the UK (during the winter) and is -1 hour during the summer months. So, you can avoid the jet leg which is so common on other long haul flights and you don’t get to waste any hours upon your arrival!

    Sunset in Gambia

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