• Why we love Poland city breaks

    Why we love Poland city breaks

    Poland is a European gem. With a history that continues to intrigue and educate people, Poland has sometimes been considered a country of the past. However, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Poland has fast become a travel hotspot thanks to its beautiful cities. Everybody loves an affordable city break destination during a long weekend and Poland provides a wide variety of them. Its two top city destinations, Warsaw and Krakow provide visitors with tons of culture, a lively nightlife and cosy accommodation. So, there’s no wonder these Polish cities have surged in popularity. If you’re thinking of somewhere new to go for a short break, let us tell you why we love Poland city breaks…

    Their diversity

    Warsaw and Krakow have as many similarities as they do differences. Surprising to some, both cities bring something unique to the table. Krakow has no doubt cemented itself as an architectural giant within Europe, boasting fascinating buildings throughout the city. Whilst Warsaw is proof of a city bearing the scars of the past yet one that managed to rebuild itself into the marvel it is today. The Polish capital, Warsaw, is filled with history yet possesses a sense of charm and charisma. Home to the Old Town full of character, war ravaged buildings and presidential palaces. Krakow hosts art galleries, museums and the enchanting Wawel Castle.


    The history

    Poland city breaks definitely have something to please everyone and that includes the history buffs. Poland played a critical role in World War II, as the invasion of the country was seen as the beginning of this series of catastrophic events. As a result, Warsaw was torn apart by the bombings of WWII, but miraculously survived. Therefore, the city is filled with buildings which have been tainted by the past but stand as a reflection of struggle and rebirth. Furthermore, the Auschwitz concentration camp (an hour and a half drive from Krakow) is yet another eerie reminder of the events which took place in the 40’s.

    Warsaw Old Town

    Cheap nightlife

    Many Brits choose to flock to Poland’s cities for its affordable yet fun nightlife. It’s not unusual to see a stag group roaming around from bar to bar, especially in Krakow. There’s no wonder why! You’d pay about £1.25 for a pint of beer, making it one of the cheapest cities in the world to buy the beverage. On the other hand, a shot of vodka (the drink of choice in Poland) will be slightly more expensive. But, overall, you can have a really cheap night or a few nights out in one of Poland’s cities, especially when you compare it to the prices of the UK.

    vodka tasting in Poland

    Photo credit: xperiencepoland.com

    The parks

    As well as the old towns and historic centres, Poland’s cities have plenty of green spaces too. They’re perfect for taking a break and relaxing or having a picnic. Krakow is an excellent example of this, with Park Jordana and The Planty taking centre stage. In Park Jordana, you’ll be surrounded by lush greenery, glimmering ponds and fun playgrounds (which the kids will surely enjoy). The Planty is perhaps more suited to adults rather than children, providing paths to walk around and areas to relax in.

    Jordana Park

    Photo credit: babygo.pl

    Polish hospitality

    The Polish are thoughtful and kind. Whilst exploring Polish cities, you’ll no doubt have memorable encounters with the locals. The people are more than willing to help you out and love it when others are discovering their culture and cities. One of the best ways to join in with the locals is during the evenings at a bar. They’ll look forward to showing you their hospitality first hand… with a couple of shots of vodka!


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