• Why we love Egypt

    Why we love Egypt

    Egypt has been a popular holiday destination for many over the years, due to the amazing climate, great resort hotels and the fun activities that you can have a go at. There are so many unique parts to this North African country so it’s easy to see why so many fall in love with it. Perfect for history buffs and beach bums, it doesn’t matter where your interests lie, there is something for everyone to enjoy on an Egypt holiday. Whether you’ve been to Egypt before, already booked your next holiday there, or you’re interested in visiting, have a look at the reasons why we love Egypt.
    Egypt history

    Rich history

    We doubt we have to remind you, but Egypt is home to an abundance of ancient landmarks which are truly amazing. One of the oldest civilizations in the world belongs to Egypt and the traces of the past remain dotted around the country. The ancient pyramids, Valley of the Kings and the Great Sphinx of Giza are less than a handful of what Egypt has to offer when it comes to its historical monuments. Embarking on a tour around Egypt’s most exciting landmarks can be both fun and informative, making Egypt’s rich history one of the reasons we love it so much.

    Coral reefs

    Egypt holidays are perfect for those looking for fun water excursions and water sports. In fact, Egypt is often a popular choice for scuba diving and snorkelling in particular. It’s easy to see why, due to the country’s amazing coral reefs that are just waiting to be explored. The Ras Muhammad National Park is a wonderful spot for diving and snorkelling due to its protected coral reefs. If scuba diving is something you’ve always wanted to try, Egypt just might be the place to do it.

    The River Nile

    The River Nile, often known as the longest river in the world is one of Egypt’s great marvels. What’s even better than looking at it? Cruising down it! This is relaxation at its finest in Egypt, allowing you to slow down and soak up the surrounding views. Experience the various landscapes from lush green jungles to arid, sandy deserts. You’ll get to witness the significance of the Nile for the locals, from many washing their dishes and clothes in it, to others helping their fields grow.



    A felucca is a traditional Egyptian sail boat which can often be found sailing down the Nile. It’s possible to take a felucca tour where once again there are plenty of views to be admired. A ride on an Egyptian felucca is the perfect way to relax during your Egypt holiday and it’s great for all types of occasions. Whether you wish to have a romantic evening with your partner, take the kids for a soothing ride in the evening or enjoy the company of your friends, a felucca sailboat is the best way to go about your plans. Taking a felucca ride in Aswan during sunset is simply stunning and perhaps the best time to embark on a boat ride for a couple of hours. The felucca is also an important part of Egyptian culture, as it remains to be the primary transportation of the River Nile. So, the felucca ride experience is definitely worth it during your Egyptian holiday.

    Egyptian hospitality

    The Egyptians are often very helpful and friendly and no doubt you will experience this during your trip. Many a time if you’re lost or need help with something, there will always be someone on hand willing to try to help you out, even if you don’t have a language in common. Egyptians take their cultural and religious values seriously, so it is always expected for these to be respected as a guest. In return, Egyptian hosts will return the favour and appreciate the effort.

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