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    Why we love Corfu

    Why we love Corfu

    The Greek Islands are known to have it all. Pleasant weather, great beaches and fantastic historical sites. The truth is, there really is something for everyone to enjoy. Making the Greek Islands one of the best destinations for every type of holidaymaker. Whether you’re travelling as a couple, family or a group of friends, the Greek Islands are for you.

    However, there are so many to choose from, how do you know which one you should visit? Well we’re recommending Corfu! Home to all of the above reasons highlighting the greatness of the Greek Islands. On top of that, Corfu has a wonderful nightlife scene and delicious cuisine. But, to be frank there are just too many reasons as to why Corfu is such an incredible destination, so here’s why we love Corfu.

    Its diversity

    Yep, we mentioned it before, but this is absolutely one of the main reasons we love Corfu. There are various landscapes to enjoy on the island, from the sea to its lush green mountains. Meaning there are plenty of activities to get your teeth stuck into on land and at sea.

    Corfu is a top choice for a beach holiday, thanks to its impeccable quality of beaches. Golden fine sands accompanied by the bluest of blue waters, not only are they a sight to see, but they are perfect for topping up your tan and having a splash around. If you’d rather more adventure at the beach, there are many which offer water sports and excursions, like boat trips, scuba diving and snorkelling amongst others.

    On the other hand, you can explore the stylish Corfu Town which has streets which will transport you across to Paris, complemented with stunning Venetian architecture. But, if you love the outdoors, there’s no shortage of lush countryside in Corfu. Perfect for active sports like hiking or even visiting wineries (if that counts).

    Corfu beach

    Corfu sunsets

    We all love to admire a beautiful sunset, whether it’s to escape within the moment or to show off your holiday’s beauty on Instagram. Let us tell you, Corfu is perhaps one of the best places to catch a stunning sunset. Santorini gets all the credit for its sunsets, but Corfu’s sunsets are just as impressive if not more so. Plus, it’s not hard to catch the sunset during a Corfu holiday, it will most likely show up every evening.

    Corfu sunset

    It’s cheap

    This is good news to all holidaymakers! Who doesn’t enjoy cutting costs on a holiday? Booking a trip to Corfu can be affordable and easily accessible. Various factors influence your chances on bagging a deal on flights and hotel. For example, the time of year you decide on visiting Corfu, booking in advance or getting a last minute deal, even which airport you will be departing from can either increase or decrease costs. There are many other ways to get to Corfu other than direct flights which can also be cheap, such as flying to Athens, then catching a ferry to Corfu. Hotel prices can vary, usually they get more expensive the closer to Corfu Town you stay. Also, food and drink are quite cheap in comparison to other touristy Greek islands and other parts of Europe.

    Corfu boat

    The nightlife

    Once again adding to the island’s diversity, Corfu is also known for its nightlife hotspots. Perhaps the most well-known being Kavos. The summer time attracts a whole host of young people to the area where they spend their days by the beach and their nights on The Strip. Aside from the usual bars and nightclubs which can be found in Kavos, there are plenty of other parties to enjoy too. From boat parties, mega foam parties and fancy dress themed parties. So, if you’re looking for a fantastic time out during your Corfu holiday, Kavos is the place to head to.


    Strong Greek culture

    The presence of the Greek culture is apparent in Corfu and it is very easy to meet and come into contact with a lot of the locals. Whether it’s popping down to a café for a quick bite to eat or as you’re travelling around the island. There are quite a few other Greek islands which give off a more touristy vibe, meaning you may not necessarily get to experience the Greek culture as much as you would in Corfu. Tourism is still strong here, but you get to experience the island amongst the Greeks and appreciate their lifestyle more.

    Corfu culture

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