• Sharp Divide on Attitudes to Greek Travel

    Sharp Divide on Attitudes to Greek Travel

    • 71% of Millennials would rather travel with a trusted holiday provider because of security concerns, that’s almost a quarter more than those aged 60+.
    • 50% of travellers aged 60+ would travel independently to support local businesses.
    • Over 50% of respondents feel that if Greece exits the EU, it would have a positive impact on holiday prices.
    • Despite the economic situation, 66% of those surveyed perceive Greece as a safe holiday destination.

    Loveholidays.com the fastest growing online travel agency in the UK, surveyed people from across the UK to find out whether their 2016 travel plans would be affected by the current economic climate in Greece.

    The good news for Greek travel is that the majority of people surveyed stated they would not be affected by a financial crisis when travelling. As much as 21% of the 45-59 year olds surveyed said that they would travel to Greece specifically to help their economy.

    Figure 1. How do you generally feel about travelling to countries in financial crisis?

    The research also revealed that younger travellers are more tied to trusted travel brands than the older generation. Older travellers are more likely to go on holiday independently to support local businesses.

    Figure 2. During the Greek financial crisis, would you rather…

    This is an interesting finding, going against the popular belief that Millennials are more socially conscious than their older peers.

    The survey also asked respondents how travel companies could help to support local communities and encourage people to travel to Greece. Millennials decided that offering lower prices on flights and hotels to encourage more tourists to travel to Greece (Figure 4) was the best option. They weren’t that interested in travel companies collaborating with local tour organisers as older generations (Figure 3).

    Figure 3. Should travel companies collaborate with local tour organisers to support economy and encourage travel?
    Figure 4. Should travel companies offer lower prices on flights and hotels to help local communities and encourage travel?

    Interestingly, the majority of people surveyed said it wouldn’t make any difference to their travel plans if Greece was to exit the EU. In fact, many saw it as a potential positive, meaning lower prices and fewer crowds.

    Figure 5. If Greece exits the EU, how do you think it will affect your travels there?

    Finally, despite negative press surrounding the Greek financial crisis, Greece is considered a safe destination by all demographics.

    Figure 6. Destinations by safety level according to total respondents.

    Is Greece on your travel list for 2016? Let us know below!

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