• Travel hacks: how to get a cheap holiday in 2018

    Travel hacks: how to get a cheap holiday in 2018


    We all love a cheap holiday, but sometimes it can be difficult to identify how to get certain deals. Prices shoot through the roof during particular times of the year, like in the summer or during the school holidays. Also, flying on certain days and at specific times can make all the difference if you’re booking with a budget in mind. Here at loveholidays, we know how vital it is to bag that cheap holiday for the year, so here are those all-important travel hacks on how to do so.

    All inclusive or build your own holiday

    Once you have decided where you want to go for your holiday, it’s probably best to research if an all inclusive holiday works out cheaper than booking your flights and hotel separately. If you’re going on a city break, a multi-trip holiday or a less visited destination, it will most likely be best to book your hotel and flights separately. Whereas long haul beach holidays may work out better as an all inclusive package. That way your food, drink and some activities are all included in the initial price.

    Travel when everyone else doesn’t want to

    Part of the problem when finding cheap holidays is knowing what time of year to get away. School holidays and peak times mean prices for flights and hotels go up. So, taking a holiday when others are more likely to stay at home means cheaper prices for you. You’ll find that booking just before the children go back to school lowers prices, as many people would prefer to go away during the beginning and middle of summer.  

    Book late

    A lot of the time, its thought that booking early means you will gain the best deals. However, this isn’t always the case. Booking late doesn’t have to mean that you lose out, you can get some great deals booking later than desired. The term ‘late’ usually kicks in around 8-10 weeks before your departure date, as during this time the bargains start to flood in. The closer it gets to your departure date, the more desperate operators become to fill empty seats and rooms. As a result, prices lower and you can get a late deal. This may mean that you have to be quite flexible in terms of dates and flight times for your holiday.

    Book a lesser-known holiday

    Popular destinations are always going to have an expensive price tag. Sure, you can still get cheap holidays where a lot of tourists go, but less visited countries will work out way cheaper. Booking a holiday to Bulgaria can save you money, rather than visiting somewhere more popular like Greece. Or even Sri Lanka, instead of the Caribbean for a more long-haul destination. But, it is a well-known fact that when a destination is no longer in demand, it is a lot cheaper to travel to.

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