• 7 Holiday Tips for Single Parents

    7 Holiday Tips for Single Parents

    Spending time with your children on holiday is always one of the highlights of the year. From having fun on the beach to splashing around in the pool, making incredible memories with your little ones is definitely what holidays are made for! So, if it’s just you and your kids this year, there’s no need to hold off on your family holiday. We’ve rounded up 7 top holiday tips for single parents to make keeping tabs on your little trouble makers a whole lot easier!

    Go All Inclusive


    Cost is always a main factor when it comes to your family getaway, so knowing you’re not going to have to fork out for dinner every night will be a weight off your shoulders. Prepaying for food and drink means less budgeting, less worrying and always being able provide your children with snacks if they get hungry, which is usually all the time!

    Stick to Short Haul


    Keeping your kids entertained for 10 hours in a confined space is never ideal, especially if you’re doing it alone. Sticking to short haul destinations will mean there is less time for them to get bored, resulting in a more peaceful journey for you.

    Opt for Kids’ Clubs


    Although we all love spending time with our kids, a bit of me, myself and I time is also important. If your hotel has facilities to keep your children entertained, you can take some time out to relax and mingle with other adults.

    Find Family Friendly Beaches


    Making sandcastles on the beach is an essential part of any holiday but finding the right place to do it is just as important. Beaches with soft sand that slopes gently down to the shoreline are ideal for children, as well as beaches that are secluded in bays to protect them from strong waves. El Reducto beach in Lanzarote is a great example of this and it also has the bonus of having lots of amenities close at hand.

    Make a Splash


    Daytime excursions can be difficult to plan while abroad, especially when there is a range of ages within your group. One of the best places to keep your entire family entertained is a waterpark. Usually suitable for everyone from toddlers to teens, a day on the slides is always great fun. Siam Park in Tenerife really delivers when it comes to families with rides for all ages and even a kids’ play park!

    Don’t Pay for Two


    A lot of hotels will charge you double occupancy for a hotel room even if there is only one adult staying in it. By doing a little digging, you’ll find a whole bunch of great hotels that will let you pay for the amount of people in the room rather than the flat rate, which is great news if you’re on a budget.

    Ensure There is a Children’s Pool


    This may sound like an obvious one, but getting to your hotel to find only one pool which is 15 foot deep would be an absolute nightmare. Ensuring that there is a children’s pool means they can play freely without you needing to be by their side 24/7.

    Whether it’s going all inclusive or finding the perfect beach, there are plenty of ways you can guarantee the perfect family holiday! Got any more great advice for single parents heading abroad? Share them with us by commenting below.

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