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    Top 5 reasons to visit Lapland

    Top 5 reasons to visit Lapland

    There are many words to describe Lapland. Try magical, enchanting and enthralling for starters! The northernmost region of Finland is a favourite amongst couples as much as it is with families and there’s no wonder why. For those who love the Christmas season, Lapland is a nothing short of a dream come true. There is plenty to see and do here that’ll no doubt get you into the Christmas spirit in no time. Lapland has a unique allure which is well suited to those looking for a winter break or Christmas holiday. Explore the vast stretches of powder-white snow and embark on a journey which is truly one of a kind. If you needed any more of a reason to visit Lapland, we’ve got 5 of them!

    Admire the Northern Lights

    One of nature’s most amazing phenomenons has to be the Northern Lights. The Nordic countries are a great place to catch them, including Lapland. September to March is the desired time to head out to the Finnish region in order to catch the famed natural occurrence. Of course, seeing the Northern Lights depends on a variety of factors, meaning there’s never a guarantee that’ll you get to see them. But, if you do manage to catch a glimpse of the colourful sky, you’ll no doubt be well and truly fascinated.

    Lapland Northern Lights

    Meet Santa at the Santa Claus Village

    As we previously said, Lapland provides visitors with a true Christmas experience. Above all, that includes meeting Santa Claus! Head to the Santa Claus Village in Rovaniemi for a chance to immerse yourself in a world which looks like something out of a movie. Santa Claus Village doesn’t just offer up the opportunity to meet Santa Claus, but you’ll also get to see his elves who are busy wrapping presents and sending letters. It truly is a fantastic experience, especially for the little ones! If you can’t make the trip to Lapland during Christmas time, the Santa Claus Village is open all year round.

    Santa Claus and Reindeer at Santa Claus Village

    Photo credit: santaclausvillage.info

    Embark on an arctic journey

    Adrenaline junkies will love a trip to Lapland, thanks to the wide variety of snow activities on offer. Interested in speeding about on a snowmobile? What about whizzing through the snow on a dog sled? Well, there are plenty of activities which are not only fun but allow you to explore the winter wilderness of Lapland. If you’d rather take a more laid-back approach to your arctic adventure, head off on a cultural tour of the Sámi. The indigenous people of Lapland can offer visitors a deeper insight into their culture including their folklore  and relationship to the reindeer.

    Lapland dog sledding

    Photo credit: fathomaway.com

    Say hello to the reindeer

    Speaking of reindeer, there’s no better place to see them than in Lapland. Popularised as Santa’s helpers during Christmas, reindeer do in fact play a significant role within Lapland’s culture. The Sámi people in particular have benefited from the reindeer in several ways as transport and a source of food. A great way to see the reindeer is by heading to one of the Sámi reindeer farms. Depending on which farm you go to, you may be allowed to feed the reindeer, ride in a sleigh or embark on an Arctic Circle Crossing.

    Reindeer in Lapland

    Photo credit: finland.nordicvisitor.com

    Visit the wildlife park

    There are plenty more animals to discover in Lapland, aside from the usual reindeer and huskies. Make time for a visit to Ranua Wildlife Park where you can see a range of various animals in their natural habitat. You’ll find polar bears, brown bears, wolves, deer and lynxes among many other species. There is also an ice bar at the park, which is in fact inside an igloo. So, there are plenty of experiences to be had with a trip to Lapland’s Ranua Wildlife Park.

    Polar bear in snow at Ranua Wildlife Park

    Photo credit: visitrovaniemi.fi

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