• Top 10 winter city break destinations

    Top 10 winter city break destinations

    Winter is upon us! It’s the time when those warm summer and autumn temperatures plummet and the snow begins to fall. But, if it’s going to be cold, we may as well be cold somewhere else right? Well, a city break is the perfect trip during the winter months. Whether you’re chasing the winter sun or simply want to explore a different city, there’s no better time than in the winter! In fact, it can be the most picturesque time of the year in many destinations. If you’re after a short break this winter, check out our top 10 winter city break destinations!

    1. Reykjavik, Iceland

    Iceland’s capital is the perfect blend of rugged and sleek. From its diverse landscapes, ranging from the steaming Blue Lagoon to architectural wonders like the Hallgrímskirkja. Although Reykjavik has plenty to see and do, many flock to the capital for a chance to discover the majestic Northern Lights. There’s no better time to catch a glimpse of the lights than in the winter!


    2. Berlin, Germany

    Berlin is a stunning destination whatever time of the year you decide to visit. But it is simply beautiful during the winter. You’ll have plenty of Christmas markets to wander around where you can sample Germany’s famous bratwurst and of course sip on a glass of mulled wine. Aside from that, walk around Berlin’s open spaces like Tiergarten park where you can admire the white blankets of winter snow!


    3. Copenhagen, Denmark

    The Danish capital can only be described as a wonderful surprise. Especially during the winter, this is a city break you must add to your list. If you’re hoping for a fairytale-like experience during your winter city break, Copenhagen is the best short trip for you. Winter Wonderland in Tivoli Gardens is the true essence of winter in the capital, but outings to the Christmas markets and walks in Nyhavn also make up the experience.

    Nyhavn at night

    4. Paris, France

    The French capital is perhaps one of the more romantic winter city break destinations, making it perfect for a couples holiday. In fact, Paris is often considered one of the must-see destinations within Europe, simply for its sheer elegance and sophistication. Stroll along the Champs-Élysées where you can admire the festive decoration and lights. But, don’t miss the sparkling Eiffel Tower during its light show at the top of every hour during the night time.


    5. Lisbon, Portugal

    Are you looking for somewhere slightly warmer during the winter? There are still plenty of city breaks where you can catch the winter sun. Lisbon is one of them! Albeit Lisbon doesn’t experience its warmest temperatures during the winter months, but they are mild and a lot warmer than our previously mentioned cities. The great thing about Lisbon is you could be near the sea whilst discovering the capital’s authentic vibe. Hilly streets, iconic trams and delicious cuisine are just some of the things you can look forward to.


    6. Prague, Czech Republic

    We’re taking you back into the cold for this one! The City of a Hundred Spires is an absolute dream during the winter. The Prague Castle is a lovely backdrop for a romantic stroll, whilst the city’s streets are magical when under a blanket of snow. In Prague, you don’t have to spend the whole of your short break in the cold. There are plenty of places you can go to warm yourself up… and the Czech city sure knows how to make a great cup of hot chocolate.

    Prague Christmas market

    7. Brussels, Belgium

    Brussels is simply fascinating during the winter months and there is so much to do during this period too! Make your way through the city’s winding cobblestoned streets as you discover gems in the form of magnificent architecture, chocolate shops and lace shops. Brussels is also said to have one of Europe’s best Christmas markets with an abundance of stalls and other fun winter activities. However, let’s not forget to mention, Belgium’s tasty winter cuisine in the form of mussels and stoemp.

    Brussels Christmas market

    8. Amsterdam, Holland

    Amsterdam is stunning all year round, but there is something about visiting the Dutch capital in the winter which really appeals to holidaymakers. Christmas lights and decorations glitter and sparkle around the city and the winter chill sets the tone. But aside from exploring the outdoors, whether you’re cycling around the city’s frosty parks or strolling along the canals, there is a lot to do indoors too! Try one of Amsterdam’s top museums to warm yourself up!


    9. Dubai, UAE

    A city break further afield? Dubai is calling! With hot temperatures across the winter months this is a real winter sun city break. Become engrossed in the city’s overwhelming skyline filled with skyscrapers and immerse yourself in the high-life that has become synonymous with Dubai. Mix the city with the beach as you choose to either walk amongst sleek and modern buildings or along Dubai’s golden shoreline.


    10. New York, USA

    Finally, yet another far flung city break, we can’t forget to mention the Big Apple. New York is the USA’s most fascinating winter city break as the festive season adds an allure to the city. It’s known to get super cold during this time but that’s all part of New York’s appeal. Get into the true winter spirit as you stroll along its busy streets as the snow falls. Of course, there is plenty to do in New York during the winter too! The Rockefeller Center is a must-see attraction boasting its 70ft tall Christmas tree.

    New York at night

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