• Top 10 holidays with great infinity pools

    Top 10 holidays with great infinity pools

    For some of us, we know what we’re looking for when it comes to our holidays. In terms of hotels, we want to be comfortable and certain facilities tick the box for us. Sometimes, it may be a luxurious room in 5-star accommodation, or it might be that we want to stay in a beachfront resort. For the other half of us, a typical outdoor pool just isn’t cutting it anymore. Let’s face it, infinity pools are all the rage and we can’t deny, they are pretty cool. These sleek pools have become a trend for many on social media, featuring ourselves perched up on the side, overlooking the impressive views which usually tie hand in hand with infinity pools.

    If you’re looking for a holiday soon and you only ask for one thing (an infinity pool!) from your accommodation… Then, check out our top ten holidays with great infinity pools.

    1. Daios Cove Luxury Resort and Villas

    Located in the popular resort of Aghios Nikolaos in Crete, the Daios Cover Luxury Resort and Villas is a 5-star property with an array of relaxing facilities and picturesque views. The hotel is great for families thanks to its kids club, providing activities for 4-12 year olds. But, most importantly, this luxury resort is home to a heated infinity pool which overlooks a private bay. Just look at that sunset!

    Daios Cover Luxury Resort and Villas

    2. Dukes Dubai

    What is one of the best places to experience an infinity pool? It has to be Dubai. An infinity pool just isn’t the same without an amazing view and luckily, Dubai has one of the best skylines you can witness. Situated on the trunk of Palm Jumeirah, the 5-star Dukes Dubai infinity pool offers incredible views.

    Dukes Dubai

    3. Savoy Saccharum Hotel

    Fancy a trip to the beautiful Portuguese island of Madeira? Happen to be looking for a hotel with an infinity pool too? Well the 5-star Savoy Saacharum Hotel is for you. There are plenty of facilities at the hotel to make your stay comfortable. But, if you’re all about the infinity pool then take a dip and explore the natural beauty of Madeira.

    Savoy Saccharum Hotel

    4. West East Suites

    Now, if you love a stunning sunset, you’ll know that one of the best places to go is Santorini. We’d also be lying if we said we weren’t plagued by amazing infinity pool shots of Santorini too. So, what better way is there to witness the sun set than to be in an infinity pool and capture those inspiring pictures. The 5-star West East Suites make the view well worth it!

    West East Suites

    5. International Hotel Casino & Tower Suites

    The fantastic resort of Golden Sands in Bulgaria hosts the 5-star International Hotel Casino & Tower Suites. Not forgetting to mention, with an amazing infinity pool too! The sheer size of this pool is something to marvel at as you can swim the full stretch while admiring the surrounding views that it offers.

    International Hotel Casino & Tower Suites

    6. NH Collection Grand Hotel Convento di Amalfi

    Another location with a fantastic view is the Amalfi Coast. With a stay at the 5-star NH Collection Grand Hotel Convento di Amalfi you can make the most of it with a swim in the infinity pool. As the water ends where the horizon starts, you’ll never want to get out!

    NH Collection Grand Hotel Convento di Amalfi

    7. Thompson Playa del Carmen

    If you’re looking for a trip further afield, why not try Mexico? The 5-star Thompson Playa del Carmen provides lovely views of the ocean from its infinity pool. With a range of beds and sun loungers around the pool area, there’s never been a more relaxing spot during your Mexico holiday.

    Thompson Playa del Carmen

    8. Royal Marmin Bay Boutique & Art Hotel

    Taking it back to the Greek Islands, the 5-star Royal Marmin Bay Boutique & Art Hotel offers luxury accommodation, gourmet dining and a range of fantastic leisure facilities. Including an infinity pool of course! Overlooking the beautiful Mirabello Bay, there’s no better place to take in the incredible views of the surrounding ocean and mountains.

    Royal Marmin Bay Boutique & Art Hotel

    9. Michelangelo Resort & Spa

    On the island of Kos, you’ll find the top-class 5-star Michelangelo Resort & Spa. Located by the seaside and surrounded by modern gardens and beaches, you couldn’t ask for a crisper view from this infinity pool. Immerse yourself in its refreshing waters and the lines between the pool, sea and sky become blurred.

    Michelangelo Resort & Spa

    10. Likya Residence Hotel and Spa

    If you’re looking for a more romantic setting for a holiday, try the Likya Residence Hotel and Spa in Antalya, Turkey. This 5-star accommodation has a lovely infinity pool which has breathtaking views of the sea and picturesque mountains. As an adults only hotel, there isn’t a better place to have a peaceful and luxurious experience.

    Likya Residence Hotel and Spa

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