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    7 Weird and Wonderful Reasons to Visit Sharm El Sheikh

    7 Weird and Wonderful Reasons to Visit Sharm El Sheikh

    Popular with holiday-makers from all over the world, Sharm El Sheikh is where you can enjoy year-round sunshine and all-inclusive hotels to put your mind and wallet at ease. With great diving and pretty beaches, we all know about Sharm El Sheikh’s main sites but there are plenty of other reasons to head to this holiday region.

    1. You can re-enact a scene… from the Bible


    Mount Sinai is supposed to be where Moses received the Ten Commandments, and with 4,000 steps to the summit it really is quite the journey. Taking three hours to reach the top, it’s a great trek for anyone whether its religious significance speaks to you or not. Basically, if nothing else, head up there for incredible views.

    2. It has one of the best wreck dives


    So most people will know that Sharm El Sheikh has excellent diving with a colourful reef that attracts all sorts of marine life, but did you know about the great wreck dive you can also explore? The SS Thistlegorm sits just off the coast of Sharm El Sheikh and is in fact known as one of the best wrecks in the world to discover with a little help from some scuba gear.

    3. It’s a super social part of the world

    Facebook is a huge hit in Egypt with the highest number of users compared to any other Arab country, so you’ll probably find it pretty easy to make and keep friends there!

    4. It won’t get colder than 22°C


    Okay, so this can’t be guaranteed, but Sharm El Sheikh does typically stay hot all year round, with November and December temperatures not dropping much lower than 23 – 27°C during the day.

    5. You can go stargazing in the desert

    If laying down beneath a blanket of stars sounds like your kind of thing, the setting couldn’t get much better than a spot in the Egyptian desert. Another great reason why Sharm El Sheikh is much more than just a holiday resort!

    6. You can practice some yoga in the desert


    This desert setting really is a big selling point. It makes any activity instantly 10X cooler, case in point – yoga.

    7. You can actually find Nemo!


    Clownfish are regular sights amidst the Red Sea reefs, so whether you’re snorkelling or diving in Sharm El Sheikh, there’s a pretty good chance that you could spot little nemo – yet another reason why Sharm El Sheikh is great for families!

    There’s much more than meets the eye with Sharm El Sheikh. If you have some top tips for something a bit more alternative, don’t forget to leave us a comment below!

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