• 7 destinations in Europe with a cure for break-up sadness

    7 destinations in Europe with a cure for break-up sadness

    Overcoming a break-up is always going to be tricky, but it’s also the perfect time to book yourself a holiday and escape to some place new. Whether you want to shut off from daily life and reset your chakras somewhere hot or drown your sorrows instead and party until the early hours – check out our recommendations on the best cheap holiday destinations within Europe guaranteed to turn your frown upside down.


    The Netherland’s capital is rich in culture, art and history, but you’ll also find an abundance of people here looking to party. With so much going on in Amsterdam by day and night, keeping your mind off your current break-up shouldn’t be hard – you’ll simply be too busy! Be warned, you’ll see plenty of hens and stags prancing around town after dark, but once you’re over this, Amsterdam is the perfect place to meet new people and explore. Boasting more canals than Venice, Amsterdam is a fab budget-friendly city break in Europe. If you feel this picturesque city is just what you need, book your stay at the Apollo Museumhotel Amsterdam City Centre or the Ozo Hotel and revel in an excellent location whilst being kind to your purse simultaneously.



    Lisbon is a great destination for solo travellers – who needs company when you can begin a blossoming relationship with the gorgeous local cuisine, amazing cultural sites and the bustling markets bursting with life. Since Lisbon is not overly touristy, locals here are very friendly, so make some new friends during your Portuguese adventure, and mend your broken heart sampling Lisbon’s fresh seafood – you may just learn to love again! With an extensive selection of budget-friendly accommodation options, inexpensive public transport, and significantly cheaper food and drink, you can see why Lisbon is one of our recommendations. Why not combine your Lisbon holiday with a stay at the Lutecia Hotel, too?



    If you’re seeking a destination where you want to be so busy you forget to check your phone and hopefully avoid social media like the plague, head to Mykonos where vibrant nightlife, turquoise seas and unspoilt sandy beaches come together in perfect harmony. The party island of Mykonos is part of the Cyclades archipelago and resides within the gorgeous Aegean Sea.

    Instead of wondering what your ex is up to, grab yourself a lounger on Paradise Beach and drown out your thoughts to the sound of the thumping music from the iconic bars along the coastline. Mykonos is home to many luxurious hotels but budget-friendly ones too, and with a stay at the Horizon Boutique Hotel Mykonos or the Mykonian Mare Boutique Hotel, you’ll have great accommodation at a great price too!



    If you need to reawaken your senses after a break-up, there is no better place to go than Barcelona. Full of inspiring art, amazing architecture and fantastic attractions, it’s here you can open your eyes to true beauty and maybe even pick up some new interests! Barcelona is an awesome place, mainly for eating your bodyweight in tapas, but you could also learn to flamenco – a challenging dance but a perfect hobby to pick up to keep your mind away from that dreaded ex.

    Meet friendly locals, dine on tasty paella and rediscover the person you’re truly meant to be. As a bonus, drinking in Barcelona is cheaper than back home, so if all else fails, at least you’ll have wine! Book your much-needed stay in the lively city of Barcelona and enjoy a comfortable stay at Hotel Jazz.



    This beautiful old city has history at its core and is known for its colourful buildings and gothic churches, while Prague is also claimed as having the best beer worldwide – an ideal place to get over a break-up! Besides the huge array of bars, the architectural gems and visiting the famous Charles Bridge, this city is perfect for singles as there are travellers everywhere! Avoid travelling to Prague over the ‘Day of Love’ as it’s likely you’ll run into many happy couples professing their love for each other, so Prague at any time other than the 1st of May is a sure bet. In comparison to other major European cities, a city break to Prague is very cheap, so book a stay at the La Ballerina and you’ll be smiling in no time.



    The Azores is an autonomous region of Portugal and probably isn’t the first place you’d think of when trying to get over a break-up but have faith. It’s an awesome idea at any time of your life! Getting over a break-up is hard and stressful at the best of times, but heading somewhere warm, inviting and friendly sounds appealing right? The Azores offers all this, combined with breath-taking scenery and fab hiking trails, so reconnecting with nature is simply an obligation.

    Hire a car and discover the remote beaches, caverns and caves the islands are home to. Although more expensive than mainland Portugal, food and accommodation is still cheap compared to Western European counterparts, so if you need to get back to nature, book a stay at the VIP Executive Azores or the Pedras do Mar Resort & Spa and leave your worries behind.



    Germany’s capital dates back all the way to the 13th century and makes for the perfect cheap city break. To come here after a break-up, you must be strong willed and courageous as some of the attractions here will put a lot in perspective for you. Berlin offers plenty for singles to do, so get involved and absorb and discover as much as possible. With so much going on, you’ll quickly find the ex is old news!

    Berlin isn’t a romantic destination that’ll make you gag, it’s a destination that has also been through heartbreak and has come through the other end, just like you will! Berlin is by far one of the cheapest capital cities in Western Europe and is a great place for those with a budget in mind so if you are swaying towards this wonderful city, book your stay at the Monbijou Hotel and you’ll never look back.


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