• 5 reasons you should visit Malta

    5 reasons you should visit Malta

    Malta offers you the perfect island escape. Sunny Mediterranean weather, tons of historical and cultural sights, lively nightlife… you name it! One thing’s for sure, there are plenty of reasons why you should visit Malta, but we’ve narrowed it down to just five. Take a look at why this Mediterranean gem is well worth a visit.

    1. Malta’s history and culture is out of this world

    History buffs will soon realise that they’re in paradise with a holiday to Malta. The island is home to over 7,000 years of history, and as a result there’s so much to explore within its architecture and sights. The Grandmaster’s Palace should be at the top of everyone’s list of sightseeing opportunities. Located in Valletta (home to over 320 historic monuments!) the palace was built in the 16th century and is open to visitors to witness its grandeur. Among its architectural fascinations, the palace also houses art collections, including the Great Siege of 1565 painted by Matteo Perez d’Aleccio. Moreover, you don’t want to miss out on a trip to Mdina, Malta’s Old City, also known as ‘the Silent City’. It’s one of Europe’s most wonderful walled ancient cities which was and still is home to many noble families.

    aerial view of Valletta

    2. The Blue Lagoon (need we say more?)

    Malta and its archipelago have its fair share of beaches, but there’s one place in particular which steals the show. We’re talking about the Blue Lagoon. You’ll need to head to Malta’s smaller sister island of Comino, which is easily accessible (just a 15-minute boat ride/tour from Malta and a 25-minute ferry ride from Gozo). The Blue Lagoon is every water baby’s dream. Perfect, crystal-clear waters make it a snorkelling, diving and swimming highlight. Plus, many also charter a boat to explore around and enjoy new and different views of Comino.

    yacht in the Blue Lagoon in Malta

    3. The food is yummy!

    Calling all foodies… A chance to taste the very best of Maltese cuisine is enough to book a holiday to Malta. The fine dining scene here is out of this world, and with three Michelin star restaurants available, you won’t go hungry. Noni, Under Grain and De Mondion have all received the prestigious rating thanks to their outstanding chefs and scrumptious dishes. Plus, the good news is that Malta caters for vegans and vegetarians too. Restaurants such as No. 43 – Valletta’s healthy cafe and Gugar, a trendy hang out with tasty and creative snacks, as well as a library and art gallery are some of the best spots to check out. All in all, food on the Maltese archipelago is fun, adventurous and it sure does taste good!

    food at Noni Restaurant

    4. It’s the Mediterranean’s “mini Hollywood”

    Who doesn’t want to check out Europe’s answer to Hollywood? We know we’d certainly love to. The Maltese islands have seen a heap of Hollywood blockbusters filmed on its shores, including Gladiator, Troy, Game of Thrones and more! It’s totally understandable. Stunning coastline, inspiring architecture and unbelievable sights have made these islands the perfect backdrop for some of the film & tv industry’s best. What’s more, with a holiday to Malta you’ll get to see some of these film sets for yourself. Now that’s what we call a fully immersive film experience!

    view of the Three Cities in Malta

    5. It’s a year-round holiday destination

    You know what that means right? You can holiday in Malta whatever time of the year and have a pleasant stay. Live it up on the beaches during the summer months, then when it gets a bit milder later on in the year, you can enjoy keeping active with a bunch of adventure activities. Think biking and hiking, plus roaming around Valletta and soaking up the island’s history and culture. No matter the time of the year, Malta is just as entertaining, sunny and fun as it’s always been.

    model on yacht in Malta
    Has Malta caught your eye? We don’t blame you. With plenty to do and plenty to see, Malta is definitely a holiday destination to tick off of the bucket list. Boasting the perfect blend of history, beaches, nightlife and sunny weather – what’s there not to love?

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