• 10 reasons to make Poland your next holiday destination

    10 reasons to make Poland your next holiday destination

    Poland may not be a holiday destination you’ve had in mind, but all that is about to change. Poland is an impressive country, which offers a selection of activities and landscapes for those who wish to visit. Historical cities, quiet beaches and snowy mountains for skiing. Whatever type of holiday you enjoy, Poland has it all on offer. Whilst on your Poland holiday, indulge in Polish delights and the rich history and culture. No matter where you go, or what you do, you’ll be sure to have a wonderful time during your holiday in Poland.

    Rich history

    If history is something that interests you, Poland should definitely be towards the top your list. With a rich position in history, a number of old medieval buildings, wonderful museums and the ill-famed Auschwitz camp, history buffs can’t go wrong with a Poland holiday. Since the days of WII and the Warsaw uprising, Poland has so much to discover and explore.

    Tasty cuisine

    Food plays a huge role within Polish culture, so it’s a fantastic experience if you get to try some during your visit. Many classic dishes are pierogi, bigos and borscht and these can easily be found in small eateries or restaurants throughout the country. If dessert is on the cards after trying some of the famous Polish mains, try paczki, a delicious Polish style doughnut. Or try sernik, which is the Polish version of cheesecake.

    Poland beaches

    Peaceful beaches

    Poland is a surprising and unlikely beach destination for many, but the beaches along Poland’s northern coast are absolutely lovely. The coastline is full of white sandy beaches and are perfect for a bit of summer relaxation, when temperatures are pleasant and tourists, from local and afar, gather in their numbers. Popular resorts are Sopot, Leba and Ustka. Head to Jurata Beach if you’d love to get a bit adventurous with some water sports.


    Staying on topic of some action and adventure during your Poland holiday, why not try your hand at snow sports? Great skiing locations in Poland can be found in Szczyrk, situated in the Beskid Slaski mountains in the south of Poland. It is home to a wonderful winter sports centre and has the perfect conditions for skiing. If you’re looking for a selection of various ski runs in Poland, Szczyrk is the place for you as it has the most in the country as well as the most ski lifts and lovely walking and cycling trails. Other great skiing destinations include, Karpacz and Bialka Tatrzanska.

    Scenic mountain views

    Love the outdoors? Love amazing views? Put the two together and a trip to Poland’s mountains should have you feeling right at home. Visit the Tatras to be truly astonished. Fantastic for the winter skiing season and for summer hiking.

    Affordable holiday destination

    Believe it or not, Poland is quite a cheap holiday destination, making it the perfect trip for those on a tight budget. Prices are steadily rising in the big cities of Poland, but compared to other European destinations, Poland is towards the top of the list in terms of affordability. Moreover, with our cheap deals on Poland holidays, you’ll be sure to find a hotel and flight that is in your desired price range.



    Poland’s capital, Warsaw, is the cultural hub of the country. There is so much on offer in this extraordinary city, from historical sites, vibrant bars and nightlife, to new wave restaurants. There’s no better way to experience it, than to go there yourself.


    Krakow has long been a favourite for those looking for a cheap drinking destination, attracting a number of stag groups over the years. However, Krakow is a charming city, almost fairy-tale like. Full of quaint cafes, historical monuments and scenic views.


    The nightlife in Poland is definitely one to experience. Vising the many clubs and bars that are on offer in the country’s major towns will have you partying the night away. The Poles certainly know how to drink though, so don’t get caught up in trying to compete with them!

    UNESCO World Heritage Sites

    Unsuprisingly, Poland is home to 14 UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Each one basking it is own individuality. The Old Towns of Warsaw and Krakow are on the list and for good reason. They are simply picturesque and well worth the visit. Along with the Bialowieza Forest, filled with immense greenery and the country’s protected European Bisons.

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