• 10 reasons to make Lanzarote your next destination

    10 reasons to make Lanzarote your next destination

    If you haven’t been on a Lanzarote holiday yet, then let us change that for you. This volcanic island has amazing things in store for you. With wonderful sights to explore and a lovely climate to enjoy, there is no reason Lanzarote shouldn’t be the next destination on your list. Discover this Canary Island’s turquoise waters, mysterious caves and massive lava fields. Whoever you choose to bring with you on your adventure, you’ll enjoy a Lanzarote holiday. If you still need any more of an excuse to get booking, here are 10 reasons to make Lanzarote your next destination.

    1. It’s a 4-hour flight away

    The Canary Islands are only a short way away, meaning if you’re looking for a suitable short-haul location. Lanzarote is on the list!

    2. The perfect climate

    As Lanzarote lies near the north African coast, it experiences a sub-tropical climate. In other words, the island enjoys a lot of sunshine, very little rain and pleasant temperatures all year round. Usually, steadily in the early to mid-20s. Temperatures can soar to the high 20s during the summer.

    3. Volcanoes

    Lanzarote is full of various landscapes, which is one of the reasons as to why it’s such an interesting destination. When in Lanzarote, head over to Timanfaya National park where you can experience the incredible lava fields and volcanic scenery. Geysers will be blowing out steam, while the towering live volcano, Mount Timanfaya bubbles away. Take a guided tour while you’re here and finish off with a visit to the site’s geothermal restaurant.

    Lanzarote beaches

    4. Beaches

    It’s no surprise that many tourists flock to the island for a beach holiday, as they are simply stunning. There is a variety of different beaches in Lanzarote. From typical golden sand beaches to unique volcanic black sand beaches. Lanzarote boasts clear turquoise waters, which are wonderful to cool off in.

    5. Water sports

    So, you like beaches. But, what if you’re after something a little more daring than sunbathing and swimming. Well, Lanzarote has got you covered with a selection of fun water sports activities at various beaches. The popular resort of Costa Teguise is great for these activities. In particular, La Santa and Famara have good conditions for surfing, windsurfing and kiteboarding. Head over to Puerto del Carmen for scuba diving.

    6. Delicious seafood

    As Lanzarote is an island, it is known for its seafood. Indulge in local cuisine with highlights including tuna, garlic prawns and paella. Try tasty dishes like fresh squid and octopus. Have a side of your choice to accompany these wonderful seafood dishes.

    7. Explore the caves

    Cueva de los Verdes is a fantastic location in Lanzarote to discover some caves and to continue on some exploration of them. In fact, Cueva de los Verdes is one of the longest volcanic tunnels in the world, coming in at 6km long. These caves were formed due to eruptions of Corona volcano around 3,000 years ago. A 2km stretch of the caves is available for visitors to explore and there is even a concert hall inside its walls where performances take place.

    Cactus Garden

    8. Cactus Garden

    Cesar Manrique is perhaps the most popular artist to have come from Lanzarote. As well as artwork and various pieces of architecture, he has been responsible for various transformations of landscapes across the island. Cactus Garden is one of them. This area consists of gardens as well as art, and the main attraction? More than a thousand cactus species from around the world. If you enjoy the views and being amongst nature, soak it all up at the onsite restaurant and bar.

    9. Mirador del Rio

    Located in the north of Lanzarote, you’ll find Mirador del Rio. This observation tower is nearly 500m above sea level, providing amazing views all around. Admire the island of La Graciosa and the strait of El Rio. There is also a shop on the viewing platform where you can buy a nice cold beverage.

    10. Nightlife

    After you have experienced all the wonderful sights that the Canary Island has to offer, complete your Lanzarote holiday by enjoying the nightlife. Head to resorts such as Puerto del Carmen, Playa Blanca or Costa Teguise and find a bar or nightclub to suit your taste.

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