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    Top 5 holiday gadgets & technology 2017

    Top 5 holiday gadgets & technology 2017

    You ask and we respond! Using the questions you ask us about your holidays, we’ve composed a top 5 list of the best gadgets & technology we think you’ll need on holiday.

    Techy towels? We’ve got you covered!

    An essential travel gadget, the travel towel can save you in a lot of situations. Here at loveholidays we are asked constantly whether the hotel will provide pool or beach towels. With a handy little travel towel, never fret again!

    Towel tech has come leaps and bounds in recent years. You can get a towel that screws up to the size of an apple and then dries out in less than 10 minutes; a towel that literally can’t get sandy (magic, we know!) or a towel that retains its softness even after washing and drying a dozen times, unlike any hotel towel you’re likely to find. With these towels taking up so little space in your suitcase, you shouldn’t worry about packing one or two to take with you, just in case!


    No WiFi? No problem!

    Another question we get asked a lot is whether the hotel has WiFi access. We totally understand the need to stay connected whilst you’re on holiday, especially if you’re travelling with kids and teenagers, or if you’ve got some essential work emails coming in. Also, being able to research places to visit, restaurants to eat at and beaches to check out, can be really useful!

    A hotel without WiFi access shouldn’t cause absolute chaos and disruption on your holiday. Paying for WiFi or data roaming can be expensive, but don’t worry, there are dozens of gadgets which allow you to take WiFi with you, and allow you to hook up to as many as ten devices! Use your own sim-card, pay a flat, one off rate, and never go without WiFi again! You can use your phone’s data package to convert a device to spit out lots of yummy WiFi, keeping those costs to a minimum.


    Thousands of books to read by the pool

    Worried you’re going to storm through that best-selling novel recommended by a friend? With the right e-reader you’ll never run out of literary escapes beside the pool. There’s e-readers for every type of reader, including ones that are very lightweight and ideal for travelling.

    With screens that adjust to the sunshine, extra texture on the back for a tight grip and all round waterproof security, picking up an e-reader before your next holiday might be the best idea you’ve had all year. Eyes tired in the sun? Have someone read the book to you! Audio books are more popular than ever and are perfect for a lazy day by the pool.


    Safety gadgets

    Another question we get asked a lot is whether the room has a safe! Keeping your valuables safe during a holiday shouldn’t be a concern. You’re here to relax, not worry. Hotel safes vary in price, but why worry about that, either? We’ve got a better solution.

    If your hotel doesn’t have a safe but you’re keen on staying there, you can pick up the life-time investment of a super-lock! There are a range of different padlocks on the market – some of which can even be controlled with your smart phone, send you a GPS location or open with the touch of your finger print! You’ll never have to pay for a hotel safe again. Snazzy…


    Hair dryer wizardry

    Another FAQ is whether the hotel rooms have a hairdryer. Now, we know that taking your sophisticated hair dryer on holiday with you can take up valuable space for other essential items, so we’ve got a better plan.

    We’re talking about the magical travel hairdryer. Anywhere up to half the size, without scrimping on the drying power, picking up a fancy travel hair dryer is an awesome idea for your holiday! No more struggling with foreign plugs and short cables, a travel hair dryer will get you ready in half the time.

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