• Top 10 holiday packing tips

    Top 10 holiday packing tips

    Here are our top 10 holiday packing tips to help to take the stress out of planning your holiday. The key is planning: make a list, carefully consider what’s essential, and find out what amenities are available at your hotel (such as hairdryers or beach towels) in advance so that you don’t pack things you won’t need. (That, of course, will free up space for some fabulous holiday shopping!) Bon voyage!

    1. Make a packing list

    Start making your packing list weeks before your holiday and add it to whenever you remember something else.

    2. Get the right suitcase

    Find out what your luggage allowance is (both weight and size) and pick your suitcase accordingly. It’s worth investing in a lightweight suitcase in the maximum allowable dimensions to ensure you can squeeze as much in as possible.

    3. Double-duty clothing

    Pick items of clothing that can double up, such as lightweight skirts and trousers that work as daywear and can be dressed up at night, or a sarong for the beach that also works as a scarf to keep off the chill in an air-conditioned plane.

    4. Be ruthless

    Lay all your outfits on the bed before you pack: you definitely won’t need everything, and, when you see your clothing laid out, it’s easier to be ruthless.

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    5. Roll and stuff

    Make the most of the space in your suitcase by rolling clothing, and stuffing socks and underwear into hats and shoes to maximise the space available.

    6. Bring travel-sized toiletries

    Again, choose items that can double up if possible, such as shower gel/shampoo combinations, or a moisturiser that works for both face and body. And don’t forget you can probably purchase most of what you need in your resort.

    7. Hair-dryers and hair-straighteners

    Find out if your hotel has a hairdryer before you give up valuable suitcase room for yours. If not, invest in travel-sized hairdryers or hair-straighteners.

    8. Beach bag/Carry on

    Choose a beach bag that can double as your carry-on luggage: you’ll have everything you need for the flight to hand, and will still be able to carry your beach gear in style.

    9. Keep it light

    Wear your warmest (which is probably the heaviest) clothing on the plane: you can always tie your jumper around your waist if it’s hot, and use it as a pillow if you want to snooze through the flight.

    10. Relax!

    Don’t worry if you forget something. When you get home you’ll remember the great holiday you had, not the things you forgot!

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