• Which board basis is best for you?

    Which board basis is best for you?

    All-inclusive, full-board, half-board, bed and breakfast or self-catering? Our handy guide will help you choose which board basis is best for you, whether you’re travelling with your partner, with friends, with the kids or in a group. Extras for each of these options can vary, so please read the notes on the particular hotel that you have selected to find out exactly what is included in your package.

    All inclusive (AI)


    All inclusive accommodation provides unlimited drinks and food. This means you’ll have three meals a day (breakfast, lunch and dinner), along with a constant supply of drinks and snacks. This is a very popular option for families: you can keep control of your budget, avoid the headache of finding family-friendly restaurants every day, and not have to worry about totting up the cost of drinks and ice-creams for your kids. Note that adult drinks are often limited to local wines, beer and soft drinks, and you may have to pay extra for premium spirits: check the notes on your accommodation. Some sports activities, such as kayak or pedalo rental, are usually included, as is entertainment during the day and in the evenings. Kids’ clubs may also be included. However, golf, diving and spa services are usually extra.

    Full board (FB)


    If you choose full board basis, the hotel will provide breakfast, lunch and dinner. Drinks and snacks outside those times have an extra cost. The advantage of choosing this board basis is knowing that your meals are covered, but you have the freedom of going out for drinks or enjoying the nightlife outside your resort. Plus, you can choose which sports or activities that you want to indulge in while you are on holiday.

    Half board (HB)


    Breakfast and dinner are both included in the price for half-board accommodation, so any other meals or drinks will have an extra cost. This is a convenient option if you want to be out and about during the day, either sunning yourself on the beach or exploring the local area, and don’t want to have to come back to the hotel at lunchtimes. You’ll also enjoy flexibility when it comes to nightlife, sports and activities: you can choose what appeals and pay just for that.

    Bed and Breakfast (B&B)


    Bed and breakfast is just that: the only meal included in this board basis is breakfast. This will often be a substantial buffet breakfast that will set you up for the day. This board basis is a great option for foodies who want to enjoy the local cuisine, and enjoy lunching and dining out at different restaurants and cafés. It also gives you the added flexibility of not having to return to the hotel at mealtimes (unless, of course, you want to!).

    Self-catering (SC)

    Self catering

    Self catering means that your accommodation will include catering facilities such as a stove and fridge for preparing your own meals. It’s a good way to control costs, particularly if you’re travelling in a group or with the family. You could, for example, eat breakfast in the apartment, pack up some sandwiches for lunch, and then go out for dinner. Or take a day off from cooking and eat out at a local café or restaurant. The choice is yours!

    Room only (RO)

    hotel room

    This is the simplest option: your accommodation is covered, but you can choose where and when to eat your meals. Whether you want to make use of the hotel’s bars and restaurants, or prefer to go out and check out the local eateries, you’ll have the freedom to choose what suits you best. You can still make use of all hotel amenities, such as (for example) the pool.

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