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    The Battle of the Board Basis

    The Battle of the Board Basis

    All Inclusive Holidays

    This means that all your meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner), snacks and locally produced drinks (soft and alcoholic) will be included in the
    All Inclusive Holiday price. Typically, there is also on-resort entertainment throughout the day and into the evening to keep both the kids and the adults happy – please note: this can be seasonal and there may be some closures during the destination’s quiet periods.

    Best suited to: Holidaymakers keen to have their budget laid out before they fly. With your food, drink and entertainment all slotted nicely into the holiday price, it’s quite possible that what you pay on the day you book is all you’ll need to pay throughout your entire holiday. Hooray for no hidden costs!

    Self Catering Holidays

    This means you are in complete control of your meal times – from what you eat for breakfast (including cooking your eggs just the way you like them!) to what wine you enjoy with your evening meal.

    Best suited to: Holidaymakers who would prefer to set their own meal and snack times. Whether you fancy spending the day enjoying your hotel’s excellent facilities and then heading out in the afternoon for a spot of exploring, enjoying a picnic on the beach or shopping in the local markets to cook up a storm in the evening – on a Self Catering Holiday you can do what you please, when you please.

    Half Board Holidays

    With Half Board Holidays, breakfast and dinner are included in the price however your lunch and drinks and snacks outside of these two meals times will need to be purchased as extra.

    Best suited to: Holidaymakers who are keen to venture out during the day to enjoy for examples, excursions, day trips and outings to the beach.

    Full Board Holidays

    This means that all your meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner) are included in the holiday price. However, any drinks or snacks that you fancy outside of these meal times will not be covered and will need to be purchased as extra.

    Best suited to: Holidaymakers who are happy to take advantage of the on-site facilities during the day e.g. swimming pool, spa, waterpark, games room etc. However they don’t want to feel restricted and are keen to also experience the local culture and nightlife in the evenings.

    Bed & Breakfast Holidays

    This means that breakfast is included in your holiday price however lunch, dinner, snacks and drinks will need to be purchased as extra. For full details of the nature of the breakfast e.g. hot, cold, continental, you will need to consult the specific hotel details.

    Best suited to: Holidaymakers who want to begin their day with a good hearty breakfast but who’d rather not be fixed to certain prearranged times slots for the remainder of their meals.

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