• Holiday smackdown: Christmas markets vs Winter sun

    Holiday smackdown: Christmas markets vs Winter sun

    As it gets colder and Christmas slowly creeps up on us, the question is simple. Should you go on a Christmas market break or a winter sun getaway? Each has its pros and cons, but which one takes the cake? As we break it down section by section, you’ll see which holiday type wins. Our holiday smackdown will reveal whether a Christmas market holiday or a winter sun escape is best suited to you depending on what you want out of an end of year break. Narrowing down your perfect holiday has never been easier!   

    Food and drink

    Christmas markets: So, what can you expect from the Christmas markets? Tons of delicious treats no doubt. Germany is one of the best-known destinations for Christmas markets and when it comes to food and drink, it doesn’t disappoint. Sample bratwurst sausages as you sip on mulled wine. Then afterwards, treat yourself to warm gingerbread and other sweet treats.

    Winter sun: Obviously, food and drink will be varied on your winter sun break depending on your chosen destination. But as long haul destinations like the Caribbean and Mexico are some of our favourites, you’ll no doubt be tasting some of the exotic delicacies on offer. Close to the coastline, seafood is usually a big hit and with a trip to the Caribbean islands, rum tasting will be on the cards.

    Winner: The competition is definitely on here, but the Christmas markets are just ahead. No matter which city you head to, there’ll always be tons of food stalls dotted around offering a range of different treats. But winter sun holidays can introduce you to some tasty local dishes too!

    Bratwurst stall at a German market

    Photo credit: thestar.com.my


    Christmas markets: In order to catch the Christmas markets, top destinations include Brussels, Berlin, Budapest and Vienna amongst many others. But, as you can imagine these city break destinations will be typically cold during this period. You may even get to catch a glimpse of snow which adds a nice Christmassy touch.

    Winter sun: Now, the whole point of a winter sun break is to escape the chill and enjoy the hot sun. Let’s be honest who doesn’t enjoy a bit of warmer weather? With winter sun breaks you have the option of choosing a mild/warm destination, perhaps Cyprus or the Algarve. Or you can jet off further afield and enjoy the soaring temperatures of Barbados, Mexico or Cuba.

    Winner: Some people enjoy the winter chill, but the winter sun is our winner here. After you’ve spent some time in the cold during the winter period, it’s easy to appreciate a sunny trip away to kick start your tan for the following summer!

    Hammock on Maldives beach

    Outdoor attractions

    Christmas markets: Now, the main attraction is of course the Christmas markets. With loads of people wandering about, the atmosphere is joyous and cheerful. To get you into the true festive spirit, you’ll be surrounded by Christmas decorations and charming little stalls selling everything from handmade crafts to food and drink. Moreover, you might even get a little forecast snow to top things off.

    Winter sun: The main attractions of a winter sun holiday are the beaches and the hot weather which accompanies it. Heading off further abroad can see you laying on sandy shores soaking up highs of 30° Celsius. Water sports will no doubt be a fun addition to your beach day. Snorkel around shallow waters to spot unique marine life or venture off on a boat trip as you explore rugged coastlines.

    Winner: Well, this is a tough one, so we’re going to have to call it a tie here! There’s no better way to get into the Christmas spirit than with a trip to some of Europe’s best Christmas markets. However, a well-deserved break to a winter sun destination sounds just as appetising and is perfect for those who don’t like the cold!

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