• Destination Smackdown: Prague vs Budapest

    Destination Smackdown: Prague vs Budapest

    Choosing where to go on holiday is never easy, especially when it comes to deciding between two of Europe’s most picturesque city break destinations. With Prague and Budapest being home to some of the continent’s finest architecture, mouth-watering cuisine and best alternative nightlife, a Destination Smackdown is in order to find out who really comes out on top.

    Food and Drink


    Prague: Food in the Czech Republic is all about rich, slow cooked meats and heart-warming stews. One of Prague’s most famous dishes is the delectable Guláš, a goulash comprising of a tender meat and vegetable stew, seasoned with paprika. The goulash in Prague is milder than its Hungarian counterpart but is far meatier in flavour. Other dishes range from succulent roast pork, dumplings and sour cabbage and pork schnitzel.

    Budapest: Hungary however, is the king of the goulash. The slow-cooked beef stew is served with a thinner broth than its Czech equivalent, yet still packing a full punch of flavour with its range of spices and, of course, paprika. It also has more vegetables, making it a far more varied dish. Another Hungarian favourite is the indulgent Lángos, a deep fried flat bread which is undeniably delicious.

    Winner: It’s a close call between these hearty dishes, but rich flavours of Prague have just pipped Budapest to the post!


    Budapest Parliamentcomp

    Prague: When it comes to sightseeing, Prague is a force to be reckoned with. Beautiful gothic architecture is in abundance, with the Church of Mother of God before Týn, Prague Castle and St. Vitus Cathedral all providing perfect opportunities to admire some truly structurally-stunning designs. The iconic Charles Bridge is also worth a visit, providing exquisite views of the rest of the city.

    Budapest: If anyone can contend with Prague when it comes to gothic architecture, it’s Budapest. Home to the fairy-tail like Fisherman’s Bastion, the breath-taking Hungarian Parliament Building and the incredible Matthias Church, you’re spoilt for choice when it comes to exploring this city. Ensure you take a trip to the Hungarian State Opera House to really capture the grandeur of the city.

    Winner: Since these cities both offer a vast array of sensational architecture to discover, it has to be a tie when it comes to sightseeing.



    Prague: Prague’s nightlife oozes sophistication; home to a number of cocktail bars in the city centre, the hangouts have a quirky twist on your conventional classy establishment. Great choices are Batalion Comics Bar which is decorated with comic strips, while Bugsy’s Bar in Old Town emulates a Speakeasy vibe, so you’re sure to have a unique night out in the Czech capital.

    Budapest: If it’s more of a clubbing scene you’re after, Budapest is the perfect choice. Boasting the likes of Morrison’s 2, a five floor dance club, and Fat Mo’s, a popular club with jazz twist, a sensational night on the town isn’t hard to come by. In the summer months, this city comes alive with the numerous outdoor venues, making it very popular with tourists.

    Winner: Due to its extensive range of diverse bars and clubs, the crown has to go to Budapest!

    So, if you prefer your culture to clubbing, Prague is your ultimate city escape! However, if you’re looking to let your hair down while you’re away, Budapest is the place for you. Where would you choose? Let us know by commenting below.

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