• Destination Smackdown: Paris vs Venice

    Destination Smackdown: Paris vs Venice

    With the Rugby Six Nations set to start tomorrow, the country rivalry is well underway. So we thought we’d support the first game with our very own smackdown between Italy and France right here on the blog. Both Paris and Venice consistently top the list for top European city breaks, but if they had to go head to head, who would win?

    Food and Drink

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    Asides from the usual dishes like snails and frogs’ legs that ‘spring’ to mind, France is renowned for its sweet treats with patisseries stocked up on croissants and other pastries. When it comes to the restaurants you’re guaranteed a gourmet experience with more Michelin stars in Paris than the US flag.


    You know you’re in for a treat (literally) when you’re in Italy. Dip into a pizzeria to refuel or sample the local seafood in one of the quaint restaurants straddling the canals. Eateries and cafes in Venice are a medley of everything, so you can take comfort in the thought that you can walk into a café and order breakfast, hot drinks and alcohol all in one place.

    Winner: If it’s France vs Italy for food, we’ll have to give this one to Italy. Venice is brimming with delicious food and drink options.


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    Paris nightlife is as theatrical as ever. Amidst the usual clubs and bars, you can find cabaret shows, dance venues and plenty of opportunities for romance from candle-lit dinners to moonlit walks along the Seine. Paris really comes to life when the sun hides away.


    Similar to Paris, Venice’s nightlife is rich with romance and charm. Bury yourself in the local culture in one of the local cafes or branch out into one of the more modern venues such as a rooftop bar to get a better view of the city.

    Winner: Both cities offer settings abundant in romance, but if you’re after a truly magical nightlife then Paris has to take the crown.


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    Paris is where art-lovers will discover their idea of paradise with famous institutions such as The Louvre and Montmartre making it quickly to the list of top things to do. Architectural wonders such as Jardin du Loxembourg and of course the Eiffel Tower are some of the other essential sights.


    The beautiful canals make any sightseeing in Venice pretty special. Grand gothic palaces and a basilica embellished with mosaics should be at the top of anyone’s sightseeing list, and of course a great method to see some of the sights is by gondola.

    And the winner is…


    It’s hard to choose between two cities as beautiful as these, but if we had to choose either Paris or Venice we’ll have to give the crowning glory to Paris. Which city would you choose for a city break?

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