• Destination smackdown: Barcelona vs Turin

    Destination smackdown: Barcelona vs Turin

    With Barcelona and Juventus set to battle it out on the football field in this year’s Champions League Final on the 6th of June, we thought it best to pit the two against each other in this week’s Destination Smackdown. Two of football’s European powerhouses, the two cities the clubs are based in are just as iconic as the teams themselves – so let’s find out who comes out on top.

    Food and Drink


    Barcelona: Characterised by the herbs that can be found in the Spanish mountains, Catalonian cuisine is a unique style of Mediterranean cooking. Mouth-watering portions of paella and tapas are the mainstays here. And there’s nothing more refreshing than washing down these delicious dishes than sipping on some tasty Spanish wine.

    Turin: With flavours intensified by the Italians’ passion for cooking, you can be sure to have had your fill after spending the evening in a restaurant here. Italian favourites can be found in the city, but there’s nowhere that quite does chocolate like Turin. Pastry shops and chocolatiers independently blend their own cocoa beans, so there’s always the perfect excuse to pay a visit to each and every chocolate shop.

    Winner: It’s really kicking off in our matchup between these two cities, but it’s Turin who has gone 1-0 up here. Our love of chocolate has swayed us in favour of Turin, although there’s some great food in Barcelona, too!



    Barcelona: Keeping pace with the locals after the sun has set here will have you seeing the sun come back up again too. As Spain’s second largest city, Barcelona is a hub of all-night events and varicoloured clubs, while finely-shaken cocktails provide the party juice on any evening out. Situated on the coast, beach parties and booze cruises are also commonplace in Barcelona.

    Turin: Outdoor parties in the summer and a huge variety of nightlife opportunities will be sure to please every taste in Turin. Juventus isn’t the only club in this city and with plenty in the way of diversity when it comes to a night out on the tiles, you’ll be wondering which venue to tackle first. Da Giancarlo is where the locals tend to head, whereas Club Gamma will suit the young and young at heart.

    Winner: Depending on what you’re after, either could be the winner in this category. Thanks to the golden beaches and booze cruises however, Barcelona has managed to draw level to make it 1-1 this time.



    Barcelona: With everything from hiking the Montjuic Mountain to perusing the Gothic Quarter, Barcelona has a wealth of natural and historical intrigue. Head to one of the many grand structures of Antoni Gaudi, such as the Basilica of the Sagrada Familia, or take a tour of the Camp Nou, you will have plenty to do in this wonderful city.

    Turin: Museums that cover oriental art and stunning architecture around every corner, Turin doesn’t disappoint when it comes to sightseeing. The centuries old Shroud of Turin and Castle Square are particular highlights, as well as Juventus Stadium, but there’s an assemblage of other attractions to see throughout the city.

    Winner: It’s a tough one! Both cities have a huge amount to give and sightseeing in both provides a different slice of history and culture. It’ll have to go to penalties we’re afraid, we’re unable to decide.

    If it’s cultural grandeur you’re after, Barcelona is the obvious choice and just pips Turin to the post! While Barcelona has won this round, we’ll just have to leave it the football to decide who the actual winner is. Where would you choose? Who do you think will win in the Champions League? Let us know by commenting below.

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