• Where is hot in November?

    Where is hot in November?

    As the winter days grow shorter, you’re probably thinking longingly of a break somewhere warm and sunny. So, where is hot in November? We’ve come up with a list of top 10 destinations offering balmy temperatures and lots of sunshine in November. From Spain to Cape Verde, and from Goa to Madeira, we’ve got the best hotspots for your November 2018 holiday covered at loveholidays!

    1. Spain


    Spain is the ultimate sunshine destination – perfect if you don’t want a long flight. You’ll find most sun in November if you head south: temperatures in Malaga, for example, average 20°C, which is plenty warm enough for long lunches out on a lovely plaza. The Canary Islands are a classic winter sun destination. Whether you choose tranquil Fuerteventura or the rugged charms of Tenerife, these beautiful islands all offer enough hours of sunshine daily to banish the winter blues. Temperatures in the Canaries average 20°C, although during the day they might go as high as 25°C, particularly if you pick a resort in the south of the islands.

    1. Red Sea


    You’ll simply love the Red Sea in November – the resorts here are still bathing in sunshine with average temperatures in the mid 20s (some days close to the 30 degree mark!). There is more rain than usual for the region, but compared to what we are used to? Almost none. Enjoy sun, beach and luxury resorts – Red Sea holidays in November could be a bliss.

    1. Thailand


    November is the start of the dry season in Thailand: the December crowds have yet to arrive, but the autumn rains have tailed off, making November the perfect time to soak up the sun on the gorgeous beaches. Average temperatures in Bangkok are in the mid to high 20s (during the day, they can hit 30°C), and there are 8 hours of glorious sunshine a day. If you head south to Phuket and the Andaman coast, you can expect similar temperatures, with the added bonus of a cooling breeze on the tropical beaches.

    1. Morocco


    The two most popular Moroccan destinations in November are the seaside resort of Agadir and the enchanting ‘Red City’ of Marrakech. Temperatures in Agadir average 20°C, but during the day they often reach 25°C – warm enough to sprawl on the beach and soak up the sunshine. In Marrakech, expect daytime temperatures in the low 20s (dropping to around 11°C at night) – ideal for getting lost in the enchanting Medina. There is some rainfall in November, but you can still expect an average of 11 hours of sunshine a day.

    1. Dubai


    November is the perfect month to visit Dubai: temperatures are in the high 20s, but there is little humidity and enough of a cool breeze to keep the air fresh. You can explore the fascinating historic district, hidden among the glossy skyscrapers and shopping malls, or relax on the fabulous beaches of white sand.

    1. Paphos


    The popular resort of Paphos in Cyprus has ancient ruins and plenty of charm, along with its beautiful coastline and beaches. Daytime temperatures average 22°C, and you can rely on lots of daily sunshine – about seven hours a day. No wonder it’s such a popular destination for winter sun! For more inspiration, why not check out our local guide: 48 hours in Paphos!

    1. Portugal


    Portugal in winter is breathtaking: daytime temperatures are a mild and inviting 20°C on the Algarve, with about six hours of sunshine a day. In Madeira, it’s a little warmer, with daily highs in the low 20s, and, although there’s some rain (which falls on about seven days in the whole month), the island is green and tranquil. Ideal for hiking, exploring the charming towns and villages, or simply relaxing over a slap-up lunch with sea views.

    1. Cape Verde

    Cape Verde

    Cape Verde is becoming an increasingly popular winter sun destination, thanks to daytime temperatures in the mid 20s, and an average of seven hours of sunshine a day. These fascinating islands boast a host of things to do, from hikes through forests and volcanic landscapes to sailing and water sports. Or you could simply laze on one of the picture-postcard beaches and soak up the sun.

    1. Cancún


    Cancún, with its stunning Caribbeanbeaches, vibrant nightlife, and amazing Mayan culture, is a fabulous winter sun hotspot. Escape the British weather and soak up eight hours of average daily sunshine. You can lounge by the pool or take a dip in the ocean as the temperature gauge hits 30°C.

    1. Goa


    Sunshine, beaches, warm and welcoming people, and a fascinating local culture have long made Goa a magnet for those seeking winter sun. November is one of the most popular months to visit: during the day, temperatures are in the 30s, dropping to the mid-20s in the evenings. It’s considerably less humid than during the summer, making the weather more comfortable. With an average of nine hours of daily sunshine, Goa makes for a fantastic winter sun destination.

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