7 Best Beaches in the World for Winter Sun

  • When the British winter is in full swing and you feel like you need to feel the sand beneath your toes again, there’s only one thing to do. Jet off on a sunny holiday, plant yourself on a sun lounger and not move from one of these beautiful beaches for at least a week.

    Gran Canaria

    Look no further than Maspalomas beach on the south side of Gran Canaria. This sandy beach is known for its enormous expanse of sand dunes and most importantly for its all year sunshine.



    Head to the Egyptian resort of Sharm el-Sheikh and relax amid the palm trees and crystal clear waters. Not to mention the vast amount of colourful fish and coral waiting just below the surface of the Red Sea. What are you waiting for, grab your snorkel and head to Egypt.

    Red sea coast in Sharm el Sheikh


    Cyprus is a great place for a family holiday. Head to Coral Bay if you’re looking for a safe beach for the kids on while you soak up the rays from the comfort of a sun lounger.


    Mexico Caribbean Coast

    With the Caribbean waters gently cascading the white sandy beaches, the Caribbean Coast of Mexico is a peaceful destination to find some winter sun. Cancun in particular is a top resort with endless beaches and all-inclusive hotels to suit everyone.



    Caribbean cocktails, reggae music and stunning beaches are just a couple of reasons why you should be heading to the Caribbean this winter. If the beaches of Jamaica, and in particular Seven Mile beach, aren’t enough of a reason to entice you to book, then who knows what is.



    If you’re in search of the best playas in Lanzarote, then look no further. Puerto del Carmen is definitely the winning beach if you’re looking to escape the crowds. Due to its sheer size, you won’t feel sardined onto this beach.



    Malta is an island with so much on offer. The beaches are just one of its pulling points. If you’re looking for a pretty little blue flag beach, miles away from any towns and cities; the red sandy beach of Ghajn Tuffieha Bay is the place for you.


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