• Top 3 golf courses to hit in 2020!

    Top 3 golf courses to hit in 2020!

    Exploring the world for golf is a must for golfers who’d love to try a new adventure. Truth is, many of the courses you’ll play, won’t have a spectacular view … and won’t prove a challenge either. Which is why we’ve rounded up the top golf courses you should head to in 2020 if you’re after a little bit of both! These three holes & courses should be on any golfer’s bucket list…


    Pebble Beach 6th Hole – Pebble Beach California

    It’s hard to find a better location for golf than Pebble Beach California. The weather is a year-round treat and the cliffs of the California coast offer some pretty spectacular views. The right-hand side of the hole is lined with the Pacific ocean, with perilous cliffs spelling disaster for golfers missing to the right. 

    The left-hand side of the first fairway is blocked by a series of bunkers and long thick grass. To play at a championship level at Pebble Beach, golfers have to pick and choose their shots while avoiding treachery on a fairly narrow approach and a tee shot. 

    How to do it?

    For golfers unable to hit professional tee shots 300 yards off the tee box, play it forward and this hole becomes much more manageable. Your tee shot needs to be struck well as the first fairway is several dozen yards uphill. 

    Depending on how far into the fairway you get, the second shot will have to be hit very hard to cut the corner between the first and second hole. A lay up shot is possible to avoid carrying the water. 

    If going for the green on your third shot, the green is protected on both sides by bunkers. A favourable shot is a front left of the green to avoid bunkers. Once on the green expect a fairly fast green and several undulations. 


    Kingsbarns 12th Hole – Kingsbarns, Scotland

    Located in the home of golf, Kingsbarns’ monstrous 12th hole challenges golfers of all skills and distances off the tee! Carved into the shores of the North Sea, the 600 yard Par 5 balances beauty and challenge for any golfer walking onto the tee box. 

    From the tee box, golfers won’t have the luxury of a mishit as the coastline carves into the hole near the tee box. The left is blocked by coast line and the right-hand side is lined with heavy thicket and hills sloping towards the middle of the course. Approaching the green, the designer created a shoot with a narrow fairway landing kissing the front edge of the green.

    How to do it?

    Shot one needs to be well struck favouring the right-hand side of the fairway and allowing the natural elevation to push the ball to the middle of the fairway. Mounds in the middle of the fairway make a second off level. The mounds are difficult to avoid and resting on one will make you rethink your second shot. 

    Depending on the distance of your shot, you will need to carry roughly 230 yards to hit the green in two. The green is long perpendicular to your approach shot with a bunker protecting the front and thickets guarding the back. If there isn’t much confidence with a very long shot, lay up to the right and before the bottleneck prior to the green. The approach shot is more manageable than flying over several hazards. A long and thin green makes it putting difficult depending on where the pin location is set. 

    Legend Golf and Safari Golf Course Resort – 19th hole South Africa

    Claiming two global titles, tallest and longest par 3, the “Extreme 19th” hole is one of the most bizarre and exciting holes around the world. Atop Hanglip mountain the Extreme par 3 is accessible only by helicopter – yes, golfers get to fly to their tee shot!

    Sitting 1,300 feet above the green, the height above the landing area translates to a 280 yard carry to land on the green. Swirling and unpredictable mountain winds make this tee shot very difficult, but the view from the top is almost impossible to pass on.

    The green is shaped like the continent of Africa, so golfers get to experience a mountainous view of South Africa. Don’t worry about the score hitting your handicap, Extreme 19th won’t hit the scorecard so fire away and enjoy!

    Make no mistake: this is one of the most difficult holes in the world because the tee shot is so unpredictable. Not considered as part of the Par for the course, this hole is more for fun than worrying about your par to course. 

    These three spectacular golf holes around the world challenge golfers to make smart decisions and offer unparalleled views. Not only do these individual holes offer a one of a kind views, but the other 17 holes on the course also are memorable and a full round is unforgettable!


    Written by guest author Jordan Fuller

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