• Top tips for your family holiday in Puerto de la Cruz

    Top tips for your family holiday in Puerto de la Cruz

    Situated on Tenerife’s north coast, Puerto de la Cruz is a fabulous destination for a family holiday. This little town boasts an enticing mix of history, family attractions and proximity to some of the island’s most exciting natural wonders, meaning it’s the perfect place for a well-rounded break.

    Here are top tips for making the most of Puerto de la Cruz as a family:

    Splash about on Playa Jardin and Playa Martianez

    Tenerife’s rugged northern coast provides a great new experience for kids, who can play on its black volcanic sand. Among the best beaches to head to are Playa Jardin and Playa Martianez. The latter is especially well-suited to families, thanks to the variety of attractions on offer – a giant fountain shooting water high into the air, waterfalls, swim-through caves, a large swimming area and a dedicated space for toddlers. There are also plenty of spots to buy food and ice creams. So, take the family for a fun-filled day on the beach – but be warned, you’re bound to want to come back!

    Take a dip at Lago Martianez

    At Playa Martianez, you’ll come across one of Puerto de la Cruz’s top attractions – Lago Martianez. Designed by world-renowned Spanish architect and artist Cesar Manrique, this series of pools is a joy to visit. Filtering in saltwater from the ocean, the water park is home to a series of lakes and waterfalls, as well as landscaped gardens and lots of little spots to relax, including cafes and sunbathing areas. This makes it a particularly tempting place to visit for both parents and kids – mums and dads can treat themselves to a leisurely swim and a spot of relaxation, while children can burn off a little energy and enjoy the sunshine.

    Stroll around the town

    It’s always tempting to pack family holidays with as many activities as possible, but don’t forget to set aside some time just to explore at your own pace and discover the destination. Puerto de la Cruz is a wonderful town to discover on foot, and children will love having the freedom to stop and take a closer look at anything that interests them.

    The port is an especially interesting area for families to visit. As well as being home to Lago Martianez, it also houses some of the city’s most interesting historical buildings, such as the Casa de la Aduana, and the old harbour. A stroll along the coast, meanwhile, will give you a chance to enjoy the fresh air on the boardwalks and take a look at some of the area’s many parks and gardens.

    Visit Loro Parque

    Loro Parque is one of the most popular attractions in Tenerife, and it’s brilliant for families. Here, you and your children can encounter more than 350 kinds of parrot; in fact, there is a greater variety of parrots living here than anywhere else in the world. Kids are bound to be enchanted by these colourful exotic birds, and the attraction is enriched with several other exciting species for good measure. So, as you explore, keep your eyes peeled for playful chimpanzees, prowling tigers, waddling penguins and more.

    Marvel at the scale of Mount Teide

    No visit to Tenerife would be complete without gazing in awe at the colossal Mount Teide – and staying in Puerto de la Cruz puts you in the perfect position to do so. Spain’s highest mountain will be the backdrop of your break and is easily visited as part of your stay. It is an incredible 3,718 metres tall and located in the Parque Nacional del Teide – a 189.9 square kilometre park that is famous for its fantastic walks.

    While families might not be up for the five-hour hike to the top of Mount Teide, there is still plenty to enjoy here. The park is fascinating, being home to an amazing landscape full of treasures, including 14 plants that cannot be seen anywhere else in the world, a host of volcanic formations, and a wealth of archaeological sites. Plus, you can also take a cable car up Mount Teide to enjoy the stunning views across the reserve.

    Admire the beauty of La Orotava

    Staying in Puerto de la Cruz also puts you very close to another of Tenerife’s most beautiful natural attractions – La Orotava Valley. It’s full of banana and chestnut plantations, vineyards and a host of lovely footpaths, many of which run along the coast. You can also pay a visit to La Orotava Acclimatisation Gardens to see more than 3,000 species of exotic plants.

    It’s also worth paying a visit to the town itself, which is particularly charming thanks to its cobblestone streets, colonial mansions and leafy plazas.

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