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    Top destinations to visit in April

    Top destinations to visit in April

    April is just around the corner and with it comes the perfect opportunity to take a last-minute break to a place where the sun is shining.

    Many destinations across southern Europe and beyond will be starting to hot up over the next few weeks, making it the ideal time to hit the beach or just enjoy exploring a new city. Here are some of our top picks for a holiday this April.


    One of Morocco’s premier beach resorts, Agadir is a great place to be – it’s all about long sandy expanses and palm trees in this Western-style city.

    This charming part of north Africa has long been a popular place for holidaymakers looking to sample a little alternative culture as well as gorgeous sands and blue waters.

    As well as the typical tourist beaches such as Agadir Beach, there are plenty of surrounding villages that have their own rugged, slightly more isolated offerings. Beyond the main city, you’ll find Tifnit, Sidi Moussa d’Aglou, Sidi Ifni and Mirleft. Each beach has its own charm with the first being a traditional fishing village and the last a haven for surfers.

    Why visit in April?

    The weather is starting to hot up in southern Morocco and it makes for a great day out on the beach. Although spring is just beginning to blossom at home, there’s certainly a summer feel to Agadir over the Easter period. With an average temperature of 22 degrees C, and the possibility of higher, this is the place to relax for a few weeks over April.

    With April being just outside of the peak tourist season, it’s still possible to grab a bargain on both flights and accommodation.


    The charming city of Naples boasts a pleasant climate during April which makes strolling through its crowded little streets very enjoyable. From its charming historic centre to its status as one of the finest culinary cities in Italy, Naples has a great deal to offer for people of all tastes.

    The city is also just a stone’s throw away from the imposing Mt Vesuvius and the historic Pompeii as well as being close to the likes of Sorrento, Capri and Ischia.

    Why visit in April?

    Being a Roman Catholic country, Easter is a time of massive celebrations throughout Italy and Naples is no different. All over the city, people will be coming out to party in order to celebrate the religious holiday; this means plenty of processions and passion plays during Settimana Santa in Naples’ main piazzas and streets. Easter week also sees the city throw a series of free concerts at various venues while museums across Italy open free of charge for the first week of April.


    Majorca is a well-known holiday favourite, but beyond the popular resorts of Palma and Alcudia there are many hidden charms waiting for you within this Balearic.

    The stunning, rugged scenery of the Serra de Tramuntana mountain range on the west of the island is an area of particular note, with walkers and active types favouring it here, but the rest of Majorca is surrounded by quiet little coves and secluded beaches also.

    Why visit in April?

    With it being outside the summer season, an April holiday here can be cheap as well as pleasant. The weather hangs around the 18 degrees C mark with daytime heat often hitting the 20 mark – it’s not stiflingly hot, but it’s certainly nice enough for a day on the beach.

    Spring is also when the flora on the island starts to bloom, creating a scene that’s both beautiful and natural; this is especially true in the rural parts of the island. The interior villages in the Serra de Tramuntana are largely devoid of tourism (although not completely isolated) and offer a glimpse into the ways of traditional Spanish life.


    The Cypriot city of Larnaca might be one of the oldest in the country, and the split between the charming historic town and the new, modern tourist area gives you the option to explore both the past and the present during a holiday here.

    Its size means you can easily walk around the city, enjoying its rich heritage when you’re not sunning yourself on the beach. Hala Sultan Tekke mosque and the Church of St. Lazarus offer an intriguing insight into the cultural diversity of Cyprus while the Larnaca Salt Lake is worth taking the time out to see as well.

    Why visit in April?

    The temperature is pleasant, averaging around 20 degrees C. The calm weather is also ideal for experiencing the many watersports that the city has to offer which include diving, kite surfing, jet skiing, parasailing and kayaking, as well as many more. The average sea temperature is around 18 degrees C during April so while it might feel a bit cold at first, you’ll soon warm up once you’re in!


    Dalaman is the perfect gateway to Turkey’s lovely coastline as it is positioned close to many of the country’s finest resorts. The likes of Marmaris, Fethiye, Göcek, Köyceğiz, Dalyan, and Gökova are all a comfortable distance away from Dalaman and can be driven to easily or reached via transfer.

    Why visit in April?

    While it is by no means red hot in Dalaman and the surrounding area in April, a combination of warm temperatures, plenty of sunshine hours makes it a pleasant place to take a spring break.

    The mild weather makes it the ideal time to explore some of the rich historical sites in the area, with the Ancient Ruins of Kaunos being one fantastic example. This excellent area of preserved Roman ruins contains a bathhouse, theatre, a Byzantine basilica and the intriguing rock tombs of Lycia.

    Boat tours around the beautiful coastline are also very popular in April as the calm waters make for great sailing conditions. The craggy cliffs around this part of Turkey are filled with nooks and crannies for adventurous types to explore.

    What destinations are on your list for April? Let us know!

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