• See in the new year in style in Majorca

    See in the new year in style in Majorca

    If you’re tired of the same old New Year’s Eve parties, consider jetting off overseas to welcome in 2015. There are some fantastic celebrations all over the world, but we think Majorca really stands out.

    This is especially the case if you base yourself in or near the island’s capital, Palma, as the city has its own unique festival at this time of the year.

    New Year’s Eve: celebrating in Spain

    Celebrating New Year’s Eve anywhere in Spain is slightly different than in the UK, as there’s one rather fun custom that the Spanish have, namely that you need to eat 12 grapes as the clock strikes midnight – one for each chime.

    Trying to eat 12 grapes in quick succession is surprisingly difficult but a lot of fun, especially when you see everyone else around you doing the same thing. If you book a meal at a restaurant on December 31st, they’ll usually provide you with grapes ahead of midnight.

    Majorca: parties with a bang

    One of the main events on New Year’s Eve in Majorca is a huge fireworks display in Palma. However, most of the towns and villages around the island will put on their own pyrotechnic show, so no matter where you’re staying you should see amazing fireworks lighting up the night sky.

    After the countdown to midnight and the fireworks, it’s time to join one of the many parties where you can dance the night away and mingle with the locals.

    Palma’s Festa de l’Estendarte

    Palma has another reason to celebrate on December 31st – the Festa de l’Estendarte. This commemorates the Christian conquest of the city by King Jaime I in 1229 and is quite a spectacle.

    There’s a colourful procession of musicians, dancers and floats through the streets of Palma, starting at the Town Hall and ending at the cathedral. Once the parade has reached the iconic place of worship, a special mass is held to mark the occasion.

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