• Top 5 signs that your head is already on holiday

    Top 5 signs that your head is already on holiday

    Your holiday is booked and you can’t wait. Anticipation is building, emotions are high, and you’ve had your nose stuck in guidebooks for weeks. You’ve got your suitcase out, your passport is ready, and you keep humming dodgy Euro-trash pop tunes. We think we know what’s going on here – find out with our list of the top 5 signs that your head is already on holiday!

    1. Daydreaming

    You’ve been so lost in holiday daydreams that you have bumped into a) two old ladies, b) a wheelie bin and c) a lamp post. And, worst of all, you stood on the wrong side of the up escalator and got an earful of abuse from the commuters behind you.

    2. Wearing the wrong clothes

    You’re not in the tropics yet, sweetie. Yet your hand slides over to the sundresses and sandals when you’re getting ready for work in the morning and you can’t stop yourself. You didn’t even notice the sideways glances from your boss. You only start cursing yourself when it starts sleeting on the way home and you realise you didn’t bring a brollie.

    3. You’ve already written your ‘out of office’

    Even though you’re not leaving for a couple of weeks, you’ve got your ‘out of office’ typed up and ready to go. Your finger hovers over the button every day, and it’s getting harder and harder not to send it.

    4. You’re buying 1 pint of milk instead of a 4-pint jug

    You’re buying just enough groceries to get you through a day or two. A pint of milk and an individual quiche aren’t going to get you through the couple of weeks left till you jet off, sweetie. But you’re so lost in thoughts of sunning yourself under the palm trees that you don’t even notice.

    5. You’re obsessed with holiday accessories

    Big ones, small ones, the round ‘I’m-a-model’ kind? There isn’t a pair of sunglasses you haven’t ogled over. Even the ones with Spiderman on for kids. And as for flip flops, you’ve already got five pairs, but you just can’t stop yourself. And swimwear? Let’s not go there.

    Flip flops

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