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    Foodie Adventurer: Interview with Giulia Mulè from Mondomulia

    Foodie Adventurer: Interview with Giulia Mulè from Mondomulia

    Giulia Mulè will make you hungry. A talented photographer and writer, Giulia was the winner of the Best Foodie Explorer category in our Travel Blogger Awards. Her blog, Mondomulia, is rich with home baking recipes, personal explorations and photographs of some of the most delectable dishes known to man. We caught up with Giulia as she shares with us some of her tips, tales and tastes from a life devoted to good food.

    Copenhagen Denmark

    The restaurants you visit always seem to serve such incredible dishes, what are your top tips for finding a good place to eat abroad? 

    I have a lot of Twitter followers who love food, so a week before any trip I always send out a tweet asking for recommendations. Then, I look for lifestyle and food bloggers who live in the city I am about to visit and search their blogs for more tips. Finally, I do a search on Instagram for pretty and stylish places.


    You often write very honest food reviews, in your eyes, what makes a great restaurant?

    I compare eating out in restaurants to attending a music concert – it’s a 360-degree experience where every element has to be perfect for the whole to work. So it’s not only the ingredients and execution of the dishes, you have to consider the authenticity or creativity of the menu, the service, the location, the interiors, and of course the price. Also, in my opinion the service makes up to 50% of my opinion of a restaurant. If I feel welcome by the staff and chefs and they show passion about what they do, it makes me love the restaurant more and makes me want to support and promote them.


    Your blog keeps up to date with the latest foodie trends and events but which city in your opinion is the hottest foodie destination at the moment?

    Copenhagen and Reykjavik are fantastic destinations for foodies in my opinion. Copenhagen is home to the world’s best restaurant, NOMA, but even if you can’t get a table booking at this restaurant you’ll be spoilt for choice eating elsewhere, for example like Manfreds et Vin, Bio Mio and Geist. Reykjavik is experiencing a food renaissance thanks to restaurants like Dill and Grill Market. I ate some of the best food when I was in Iceland, thanks to the fresh ingredients and amazing meat and fish quality.

    Iceland Glacier

    How important is food when choosing the next place to travel?

    I often choose my travel destinations based on their food and coffee scenes. I have visited most European countries at least once before, so when I go back nowadays I can skip the touristic stuff and focus on discovering the city’s culinary traditions. Next year I am going to visit Porto because I have heard it is a great destination for food and wine lovers.

    Grill Market Reykjavik

    You’ve recently explored Greece, Iceland, Sweden and Sri Lanka, which has been your favourite destination food wise?   

    I loved the food in Sri Lanka, especially home-cooked at the guesthouses where I was staying. It took me a few days to find authentic Sri Lankan rice and curry, as so many restaurants only offer western-style menus for tourists. Sweden and Iceland were both amazing for food – I love Nordic cuisine and the quality of ingredients (especially fish) is so amazing there!

    Gothenburg Sweden

    You have a deep passion for food, but if you had to choose one dish to eat for the rest of your life what would it be?  

    Pasta because I’m Italian and it’s such a versatile dish that can be prepared with vegetables, meat and fish so I would have all the nutrition’s I need to survive and be healthy.

    Pasta in Italy

    And finally, where is your next foodie adventure?

    In the next month I will be travelling to Dublin, Paris and Italy but my next big foodie adventure will be Morocco for New Year’s Eve. I love north-African dishes like couscous and tagines and I can’t wait to taste them in authentic local restaurants.


    Have you been inspired to embark on your own food voyage? You can share your personal foodie adventures by commenting below, or keep an eye on Giulia’s travels by following her Twitter page.


    All images courtesy www.mondomulia.com

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