• The best travel apps for your next trip abroad

    The best travel apps for your next trip abroad

    Travelling abroad can be both exciting and stressful. Luckily enough we live in the digital age where there are numerous apps which can ease the stressful aspects of travelling. From preparing for your holiday to when you are actually abroad, these free apps available on iOS and Android can help make your holiday a lot more straightforward. 

    Travel apps before departure


    The start of every holiday begins with booking your flight and hotel. The Skyscanner app is a great place to start that process. The app searches for the cheapest options to suit your requirements. Also, their handy calendar shows you the cheapest months and days to fly. If you think the prices could be a bit cheaper, you can create price alerts, so you’ll know when prices for your chosen flights or hotels have changed. Skyscanner also has options for car hire, should you need a car whilst abroad. Moreover, another highlight of the app is their “Best Deals by Month” feature which highlights the most affordable destinations you can fly to for a particular month.

    Free for iOS and Android – skyscanner.net/mobile.html


    We all love a good checklist to make sure we have everything we possibly need for our time away. Scrap all the pieces of paper with the items you need written down on them, (which you probably end up losing anyway), and download the Packpoint app. The app checks the weather for your chosen destination during the time you will be there and assesses the essentials you will need. In addition to this you can choose from various activities that you might partake in during your holiday (such as the beach, a business meeting or hiking), and the app will take the items needed for those activities into consideration too.

    Travel apps: Packpoint app

    Free for iOS and Android – packpnt.com

    Google Translate

    Now there are many language apps to choose from, but we’re going with Google Translate here. Google Translate is a good tool to use as preparation for your holiday as well as whilst you are away. Even though its known for bad translations every so often to any true linguist, it is still a really helpful app to have on hand. There is often a language barrier when abroad, however with the help of Google Translate, you can get the message across. With 103 different languages, you can listen to the translations that you type, or you enter through diction. So why not learn those all-important words and phrases before you get going!

    Free for iOS and Android – translate.google.com/intl/en/about

    App in the Air

    This is a handy app when it comes to flight tracking, flight times and airport information. It will even keep you updated with the status of your flight despite a lack of a WiFi connection. It is also very useful when it comes to managing your time during the build-up to your flight. The app splits this up into four sections. From check-in to boarding, take-off to landing time, you won’t need help trying to manage your time at the airport any longer.

    Travel apps: app in the air

    Free for iOS and Android – appintheair.mobi  

    Travel apps after arrival


    Citymapper is a fantastic tool to find local transport and utilize it the best you can. Citymapper is available in many countries and the list continues to grow. As a result, it is no doubt an essential for your journey abroad. The app calculates the fastest mode of transport and route you should take in order to reach the destination you input. You can also set alerts on the app which will let you know when you need to get off the train or bus you are currently on – which is very handy, especially if it’s your first time travelling in a specific country!

    Travel apps: citymapper

    Free for iOS and Android – citymapper.com


    Sometimes it’s a lot less complicated to just get in a taxi, and what easier way to arrange that than to get the Uber app and request a ride! With Uber’s worldwide presence in 84 countries and 737 cities, it is a widely popular ride-sharing app, if not the most popular. If you haven’t used Uber before whether it be abroad or in your own home country, it is very simple and user-friendly. Uber can pick up your current location, then once you input your chosen destination. You will be presented with different vehicle options which will have different fares. Once you have chosen what you prefer, you will be connected to your driver who will then pick you up. You don’t need any cash on you either – as you pay via your credit card that is set up with your Uber account. This can be a very convenient app when abroad. As if you’re stranded, can’t find a nearby taxi or you’re simply fed up of public transport, you can bring the taxi straight to you!

    Free for iOS and Android – uber.com/en-GB/ride

    Google Maps

    You may not want to travel around using vehicles whilst you’re abroad. You may want to be the vehicle yourself and walk around the cities and towns that you visit. Some of you may like to get lost and completely immerse yourselves in the country you’re in. If you’d prefer not to, Google Maps is a very convenient tool to have as you can always find your way back to your hotel! But the app isn’t just helpful when you’re walking about. Thanks to its colour coded roads along your indicated path of travel, it can tell you the amount of traffic in a particular area or road. Not only that, but when you are roaming around be it in a vehicle or on foot, Google Maps can give you information on nearby museums or restaurants with opening and closing times.

    Free for iOS and Android – google.co.uk/maps

    Caxton FX

    There are many great apps similar to Caxton FX, but this is the one that has caught our eye. It’s a safe and easy way to carry money abroad. It works exactly like a debit card, so you don’t have to carry around loose cash on you. Caxton FX works with worldwide currencies at great exchange rates which you load onto your card using the website or app. You can then use the card to pay whilst you’re abroad, or you can withdraw cash from it for free. The app is useful, as you can keep track of your transactions and how much you have left on your card. You can also use it to instantly upload more money onto your card at any time.

    Travel apps: Caxton FX

    Free for iOS and Android – caxtonfx.com/currency-cards/mobile-app


    TripAdvisor is a great app when you’re looking for new places to go and recommendations. The good thing is, it covers just about anywhere in the world if you’re looking for places to go. From various sites, hotels, bars and restaurants, TripAdvisor has got you covered with loads of photos, opinions and star ratings. Based off of the views of previous visitors, you can judge whether there is somewhere worth going or not whilst on your trip abroad. In addition to this, the app includes a Near Me feature which finds you well-reviewed places close to you.

    Free for iOS and Android – tripadvisor.co.uk

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