• Infographic: Where is Malta?

    Infographic: Where is Malta?

    If you were asked to stand in front of a map and find Malta, would your finger trace the area around Spain? Would you search the east of Italy or scan the shores of Greece? Unfortunately, if you’re searching in any of these places, you may be looking for a while – but you’re not alone as 25% of respondents to our survey haven’t the foggiest where this island country is on a map.

    Not to worry though, after checking out our handy infographic you’ll know exactly where the teeny island is – and then some!

    Infographic Malta

    So, where is Malta?

    For those with no idea where the island is, it’s located just 60 miles south of Sicily. It’s not a huge surprise if you didn’t know where to find it either, as miniscule Malta could fit into London five times!

    Sacré bleu!

    It would take a whopping 3835 Eiffel Towers to cover the distance between Paris and Malta – we reckon it would be a pretty romantic, albeit blister-provoking, walk if you could connect them all…

    Cor blimey Guv’nor what a journey!

    In terms of Big Bens, it would take 14,000 to cover the 1297 mile distance separating London from Malta!

    And you thought the Wall in Game of Thrones was big!

    We all know the Great Wall of China can be seen from space, but I bet you didn’t know there is a distance of 5830 miles from Hong Kong to Malta, which is actually nearly the length of the famous Great Wall.


    If none of these statistics have quite hit the spot yet, check out this mind melting fact. It would take 50,000 Statue of Liberties to reach Malta from New York – so you’d better pack some hot dogs for the journey!

    Malta by numbers

    It may surprise you to learn Malta not only contains two UNESCO Heritage Sites and six Blue Flag beaches, but there are also three islands to explore that make up the Maltese archipelago. The juiciest stat in this section however, is that London truly engulfs Malta in terms of population, containing more than 18 times the total population of the island.

    Now you know not only that Malta is an island just south of Sicily, but also its exact distance from cities over the world measured in famous landmarks! You are now full of useful information, go and share this with the world; they deserve to know what you have learned today.

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