• 11 Weird and Wonderful Reasons to Visit Prague

    11 Weird and Wonderful Reasons to Visit Prague

    With the winter definitely here across Europe, now’s the time many choose to explore somewhere new with a city break. Among the most popular destinations is of course the beautiful city of Prague. Like most cities you can expect to find some great European architecture, some tasty food and plenty of shopping opportunities, but there is also a great number of alternative reasons to visit Prague. Check out our weird and wonderful reasons to visit Prague…

    1. You can find a chocolate café that serves 50 different flavours of hot chocolate.

    The famous Choco Café serves a vast range of thick chocolate sauces to pair with their delicious traditional pastries – we suggest the chilli chocolate!

    2. The eighties are still very much alive.

    If you love the bad techno songs and rock ballads, Prague is the place for you. Czech locals are a big fan of the eighties and there are plenty of clubs for you to live out your past.

    3. You can ‘waste’ a great day at the Old Waste Water Treatment Plant.

    So it doesn’t sound like the most attractive day out but this piece of civil engineering is a marvel and an interesting excursion.

    4. You get to check out Lennon.

    With a bit more to it than just a bit of city graffiti, this famous wall is a great stop-off point for a tour of the city.

    5. There are giant babies.

    Prague offers plenty of great art including of course the stunning architecture, but one of the most famous city artists is David Černý whos work you can find dotted around the city including giant babies by the Kampa Museum and infants creepily climbing the Zizkov Television Tower.

    6. There’s a dancing house.

    Okay so it doesn’t literally start doing the Macarena but it’s still pretty cool. This artsy building creates the illusion of movement and is a pretty great example of the varied architecture in Prague.

    7. You can enjoy parklife on a whole other level.

    Like most cities you can of course find plenty of great parks in Prague for when you fancy a relaxed afternoon away from the busy sidewalks. But unlike most, Prague also offers a huge nature reserve with lush green hills for hiking and biking, while the natural pool on the gorge is a daring invite to some rather chilly swimming.

    8. Prague Castle holds the Guinness World Record for the world’s largest castle.

    Not that you need any validation to go and see this extraordinary castle but still, the city’s main attraction is noted as the largest castle in the world.

    9. You can witness a bit of magic.

    If you’re fascinated by the likes of The Da Vinci Code and National Treasure then you’ll love what happens once a year on Charles Bridge. On the summer solstice you can see the sunset fall behind St. Vitus Cathedral where the last rays will always fall directly on the saint’s place of burial.

    10. The Czechs have a great sense of humour.

    Like us brits, the Czechs can have a pretty dark sense of humour apparently. Seemingly dark city sights such as the hanging man Freud are all actually meant to be taken with a pinch of salt and a smile.

    11. The Czech Republic is where Duff Beer is brewed.

    Okay so it definitely doesn’t rival the great beers in Prague but you can in fact buy Homer Simpson’s favourite brew in Prague!

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