• Morocco Beyond Marrakech

    Morocco Beyond Marrakech

    So, we all love Marrakech and we’ve been sharing our love for this magical place over and over again… But the gorgeous destination of Morocco has so much more to offer than Marrakech’s tourist hotspots. From enchanting landscapes and mesmerising towns, to markets, mountains and beaches, there’s a rich array of things for you to see and do when it comes to Morocco holidays. Morocco is a destination oozing with culture. Why not book your next adventure here and meet some fantastic people along the way? Continue reading for a sneak peek of our five most unforgettable spots for fantastic Morocco holidays.


    Situated at the foothills of the Anti-Atlas Mountains – still one of the least visited parts in Morocco (crazy, we know) – Agadir is ideal if you’re seeking a beachy getaway. Complete with palm-lined streets and vibrant oceanfront bars, look no further if a fantastic nightlife scene is what you’re after. This isn’t all Agadir has to offer either! If you’ve had your fill of frolicking in the beautiful waters at the beach, hitch a ride on a camel or take a stroll along the bustling seafront promenade. What’s more, Agadir is home to numerous golf courses, so you can always look forward to teeing off in paradise. If you’re travelling with little ones, experience thrills and scares aplenty at Agadir’s huge crocodile park!


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    The second largest city in Morocco after Casablanca, Fez is the ultimate match for a lively, busy atmosphere bursting with life. Situated in northern Morocco, Fez is home to the UNESCO Fes el-Bali medina. Home to narrow walkways and ancient walls, it’ll feel as though you’ve stepped directly back into medieval times exploring here. In the mood to shop? Check out Fez’s lively market square. You can pick up everything from perfumes, spices, lamps and leather from the traditional Souk vendors. Why not pay a visit to Chouara Tannery (one of three tanneries in Fez) and discover how leather is prepared the old-fashioned way?


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    Tangier is Morocco’s closest city to Spain and is known as the last city to tick off the list before crossing the seas to Europe – there’s only 25 miles of ocean separating the two continents! For unforgettable views and unparalleled hiking routes, spend a day at Cape Spartel where the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea meet in perfect harmony. Whilst you’re there, you may as well check out the Caves of Hercules. This archaeological cave complex is a popular tourist attraction as legend has it the hero stayed and slept here! Tangier is a fantastic spot for anyone into their history as you’ll have several museums to explore. But look no further if you’re after a brilliant romantic escape full of adventure either.


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    Unlike the other destinations already mentioned, Rabat is much less a tourist hotspot but rather an opportunity for authentic, culturally dense Morocco holidays. However, boasting a convenient location next to the Atlantic Ocean, you can still look forward to beach days aplenty! Witness impressive architecture at the Mausoleum of Mohammed V and stand beside the King’s tomb. After, why not soak up some local culture at the Modern and Contemporary Art Museum? In addition, another landmark of historical importance is Rabat’s Kasbah des Oudaias – a city within a city you can easily get lost in! Spend some time here and dine on French and Arabic fare if you get peckish.


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    Morocco’s largest city, Casablanca, is another culturally-rich city made famous on a global scale thanks to the popular 1940’s movie that bears the same name! Situated on the Atlantic Ocean, Casablanca is home to the incredible Hassan II Mosque and the packed-out Quartier Habous. Here, be sure to sample the delicious mint tea amongst the bustling shoppers. Although there’s more historical medinas in either Marrakech or Fez, there’s less tourists in Casablanca, so you’ll have a rare peek into the daily life of the locals. Why not people watch as you chow down on traditional pastries from Bennis Habous?


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    Hotel Recommendations

    In between days of city exploration, discovering hidden attractions off the beaten path and getting a glimpse into daily Moroccan life, you’ll need a nice base to return to. Bursting with hotels far and wide, Morocco holidays suit both families and couples alike – there’s something for everyone here! Seeking luxury? Book a stay at the Sofitel Agadir Royal Bay in sun-soaked Agadir. Home to traditional, luxurious rooms, an outdoor pool and all the restaurants and bars you’ll need, a good time is guaranteed here. If you’re sold on Fez, book the Riad Fes Maya instead and pamper with a glorious massage or take in the expansive, city views from the hotel’s rooftop terrace.


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