• Beating The Post-Holiday Blues.

    Beating The Post-Holiday Blues.

    You’ve just had an amazing holiday and enjoyed days of gorgeous sunshine, complete relaxation, and glorious indulgence. With any luck you’re glowing inside and out! But now that your feet are firmly back on home soil, those high holiday spirits are in immediate peril from the dreaded post-holiday comedown.

    Well not this time! To keep you smiling between sunny escapes we’re coming to the rescue with our 5 top tips to combat that holiday hangover:

    first things first

    First things first?

    There are a few immediate actions which can really nip that droopy feeling in the bud. Top of that list is unpacking, like NOW! There are few things in life as depressing as the sight of an old holiday suitcase reminding you you’re far from those golden shores. Do yourself a favour and remove that unsightly reminder ASAP.

    In the same vein, fighting those end of holiday blues is hard enough without the tiredness, jetlag, and stress which can accompany arrival back home. When you first get through your door make sure you get plenty of water, eat a healthy meal, and ensure you get your body clock back on track with a good nights’ sleep. Taking these simple steps as soon as you arrive back will have you feeling that bit brighter the next day, making it all the easier to retain that holiday high.

    have a bubble bath

    Indulge in some “me time”

    It doesn’t have to be expensive. Soak in a bubble bath, treat yourself to your favourite local takeaway, or have a movie night snuggled in your pyjamas. If you feel like splashing out, treat yourself to a massage, spa treatment, or even just a nice meal in your favourite local restaurant. Do things which make you feel pampered and relaxed in your local surroundings, the boost to your mood and appreciation of those home comforts will make adjusting to post-holiday life that bit easier.


    catch up with friends

    Re-connect with your friends and family

    Holidays are fantastic, but whether you’ve been travelling solo, with your nearest and dearest, or as a group of friends, there will certainly be people you left behind. Overcome your post-holiday blues by celebrating your social circle back home. Nothing lifts your mood like an evening of laughing and joking with the people you love most. Give out some of those holiday souvenirs as gifts and you’ll get an added feel-good boost. Studies show generosity is a real happiness booster, and what could be nicer than a smile on your friends face as they sample some of the sweet treats you enjoyed while away?


    embrace life

    Make some REAL LIFE changes

    Coming back from a holiday is a great time to turn over a new leaf and throw yourself into some exciting new projects. Having just had some time away from the humdrum and your usual routine, the post-holiday period is an ideal opportunity to set up some new (more positive) habits. From decluttering your home to taking up a new exercise routine or finally quitting smoking, do something to improve your mental or physical health. While you’re in the mood for change why not also experiment with new experiences? Enrol in a cooking class or exploring your local area and plan a fun activity for every weekend. However you choose to do it, make the most of the “fresh start” mentality. Trust us, you’ll dwell on your last holiday less when your daily life is one that’s rewarding and enjoyable.

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    Start dreaming about your next trip

    How do you beat wistfully looking back? By looking FORWARD of course! Whether you’ve got some holiday left this year, or are already looking to 2018, it’s never too early to start planning your next trip. With low deposit options available on many holiday destinations, there are emotional and financial benefits to planning your next holiday early. For a little inspiration check out the fantastic destinations on offer and start your holiday dreaming.


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