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    A Postcard from…Croatia

    A Postcard from…Croatia

    Last year, my friends and I jetted off to Unknown festival in Croatia for a week of sun, sea and music. From partying until the early hours to our shoes getting washed away in a storm, it certainly gave us a few stories to tell when we got back home…

    What a Day


    We spent most of our days lazing by the Pool Stage, topping up our tans and recovering from the night before. Although the pool looked inviting, it was absolutely freezing which we soon found out the hard way!

    On a few occasions we wandered over to the Forest Stage where there were numerous multi-coloured hammocks hanging from the trees. Perfect if you fancied a couple of hours out of the midday sun, snoozing in these was a relaxing way to pass the time.

    Bobbing Along


    One of the best things we did that week was attending one of the boat parties which for the most part, we had beautiful weather for. Spending the day on the dazzling blue waters of the Adriatic Sea, listening to great DJs was definitely a highpoint of the holiday.

    Hopping on the boat trip also meant we got see a bit of the beautiful Croatian town of Rovinj, where we explored pretty cafes and a quaint market, which was a nice break from the camp site. It also meant we could stock up on some extra supplies, always handy if you’re camping!

    Flushed Away


    Halfway through our time in Croatia, we got caught in a pretty heavy storm and since we’d chosen to camp, this wasn’t ideal. What didn’t help the situation was discovering the tents we’d hired from the festival weren’t even waterproof!

    Sat inside our tent listening to the rain wasn’t one of the finer moments of the week considering the otherwise good weather and lovely views. After a soggy next couple of days and our flip flops getting washed away, the sun shone again and we managed to see the funny side!

    The Final Stage…


    Despite the unpredictable weather and washed away possessions, the line up at the festival more than made up for it. From Disclosure to Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs, making our way around the numerous themed stages was the highlight of our holiday…even if we did have to wear shoes from lost property for the second half!

    After an unbelievable and exhausting week, we were all in need of a good rest. Unfortunately for us, we all had to go straight back to University.

    If you’ve got any great tales from Unknown, share them with us by commenting below.

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