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    Hidden places in Dubrovnik

    Hidden places in Dubrovnik

    Dubrovnik is a spectacular walled city overlooking the Adriatic. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, it is also one of the main filming locations for the hugely popular TV series, Game of Thrones. Its narrow streets, with their arcades and red-roofed mansions, entice millions of tourists every year. If you want to escape the crowds, then check out our fabulous list of hidden places in Dubrovnik!

    The view: Park Orsula

    You get the cable car and queue up with everyone else for the classic panoramic shot of Dubrovnik from Srđ, the hill above the city. Or, you could hop on the bus and make for the Park Orsula, a beautiful cliff-top park with an outdoor theatre and a restored medieval chapel. The views of Dubrovnik’s Old City are simply breathtaking – especially at sunset. If you’re visiting in June and July, you could catch one of the fantastic concerts held as part of the annual music festival.

    The island: Lokrum Island

    Leave the crowds behind and hop on the ferry – or even take one of the sea-kayaking excursions – for lovely little Lokrum Island. There are hiking trails, gardens where peacocks roam free, and a handful of miniature coves and beaches to explore. Ah….peace, perfect peace!

    The arts centre and club: Lazerati

    Just outside the old city walls, this huge stone complex has a gorgeous setting right on the water’s edge. Formerly used to quarantine those arriving from ‘suspicious lands’ with the pox or infectious diseases, it’s been transformed into one of the city’s best contemporary art centres. Concerts, art exhibitions, film screenings and much more are held here – plus it’s got an awesome night club.

    The museum: Pharmacy Museum

    The enormous Franciscan Church and Monastery, constructed in the 14th century, is one of Dubrovnik’s biggest cultural attractions. But tucked away in the enormous complex is the delightful little pharmacy, with wooden shelves lined with ceramic jars. The pharmacy was originally established in 1317 for the monks, and still dispenses potions and lotions. (Their own skin creams made with local herbs make for perfect gifts.)

    The beach: Pasjaca Beach

    The easiest beach to reach from Dubrovnic is the famous Banje Beach, which is fantastic but often crowded and hectic. Tiny Pasjaca Beach, at the foot of some spectacular steep cliffs, is the perfect secret alternative. You’ll need your own transport and a picnic, but the walk through the forest and down the cliffs is stunning. A little corner of paradise on the Adriatic!

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