• 15 reasons to visit Croatia

    15 reasons to visit Croatia

    Crystal clear sea waters, gorgeous natural beauty and stunning old towns: but you’ve already heard all that. Truth is, there is much more to Croatia …or at least fifteen very good reasons that will make you want to visit Croatia right now!

    1. It’s a Game of Thrones shooting location: welcome to King’s Landing & Essos

    Game of Thrones fans have no excuse to pass on Dubrovnik: go on a tour visiting all the filming locations here ranging from King’s Landing to the House of the Undying. Then, head to Split where you will find Diocletian’s ancient Roman palace – although to you it will mostly look like Essos, the place where Daenerys established her unstoppable rise to power!

    2. Amazing seafood

    Croatian cuisine is truly delicious but it is the seafood that we are dying for – and reason enough to visit this foodie’s heaven. Fish stews, tender octopus, fresh oysters, black risotto with an intense seafood flavour…the list goes on and on.

    Image credit: Jesse Hanley | Unsplash

    3. Croatia has Dubrovnik

    Gorgeous Dubrovnik is another very convincing reason to visit Croatia. Famously referred to as “The Pearl of the Adriatic” by Lord Byron, Dubrovnik should be experienced at least once in a lifetime. To quote George Bernard Shaw: “If you want to see heaven on earth, come to Dubrovnik”.

    Image credit: Morgan | Unsplash

    4. Striking capital

    It’s not just Dubrovnik that is worthy of your time. Croatia’s stunning capital, Zagreb is rich in history, culture and impressive architecture. A great place to sample that famous Croatian cuisine, Zagreb also boasts a café culture that you’ll want to experience for yourself.

    Image credit: Kristijan Arsov | Unsplash

    5. Delicious local wine

    You can thank that gorgeous Mediterranean climate for providing the perfect conditions for delicious Croatian wine. Choose between the seaside vineyards of Istria, Kvarner and Dalmatia and the hills of continental Slavonia, the Danube and the Uplands.

    6. Zadar has the most beautiful sunsets

    Put it on your bucket list, make it the number one reason to visit Croatia if you are a romantic at heart… Savour the view of the sun setting over the Adriatic – an image that will stay with you forever. It definitely made an impression on Alfred Hitchcock who once said that “ Zadar has the most beautiful sunset in the world.”

    Image: Pixabay

    7. Zlatni Rat beach on the island of Brač

    You have heard of those splendid Croatian beaches but have you considered Zlatni Rat (Golden Horn)? This is a golden pebble beach stretching out to the Adriatic Sea like a tongue: basically, a natural sight worthy of your time.

    8. The glamour of Hvar Town

    Forget St Tropez, this summer it’s all about Hvar Town – glitz, glamour, yachts and plenty of champagne. Even prince Harry was caught partying here a few years ago during his bachelor days. Hit this trendy spot now before it gets too trendy.

    Image credit: Cody Black | Unsplash

    9. The Museum of Broken Relationships

    There are lots of museums to visit in Croatia if you are interested in the country’s rich cultural heritage and impressive history – the Museum of Croatian War of Independence and the Zagreb City Museums are particularly good choices. However, an interesting alternative here is the Museum of Broken Relationships – mend your broken heart for the small admission fee… of one single ticket, just try not to get too emotional!

    10. The lush Dinaric Alps

    You are well aware of the beauty of the Alps but have you seen the Dinaric Alps in Croatia? After hitting the slopes in Italy and France, now is the time to appreciate the beauty of their Croatian sisters…

    Image credit: Daria Andraczko | Unsplash

    11. Unique coastline meets the crystal clear waters of the Adriatic

    Poets have talked enough about the unmatched beauty of the Adriatic, now is your time to appreciate it. The gorgeous Istrian Riviera is the one for you – just look at those crystal clear waters and imagine the sun gently touching on the waves. Simple. Beautiful.

    See the sunsets in Rovinj, Istrian Riviera | Image credit: Frans Ruiter, Unsplash

    12. National parks that will steal your heart

    Croatia’s national parks are another point of interest that should not be overlooked. The one not to miss? Plitvice Lakes National Park boasts 16 crystalline lakes and stunning waterfalls that will make for the most gorgeous backdrop to your holiday snaps…

    Image credit: Jonatan Pie | Unsplash

    13. A thing of absolute beauty: “Madjarica”

    So good it deserves its own place on this list – because if you really love desserts, wouldn’t you consider visiting Croatia just for a taste of its traditional Madjarica cake? Perfectly thin layers of absolute deliciousness make this both chocolaty and amazing.

    14. There is no party like a Croatian party

    For a nightlife to remember: hit the parties in Croatia. With a night scene that aims to impress, Croatia easily attracts more and more partygoers from across the continent. Summers in Hvar and Pag islands, long nights in Zagreb, crazy times in Dubrovnik, boat parties….need we go on?

    Image credit: Sebastian Coman Travel | Unsplash

    15. Loads and loads of festivals

    Finally, the festivals! What do you fancy? Croatia Rocks, Outlook or Hide Out Festival, there’s a lot to be done here and all of them are absolute quality! Taking it a step further: Outlook Festival also does boat parties…convinced yet?

    Image credit: Luka Lojk | Unsplash

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