• Top 5 cheap city break destinations

    Top 5 cheap city break destinations

    Everybody loves a good city break destination…but what we love even more is when it comes cheap as chips! Can you have both a glam weekend away and an affordable stay? Yes, you definitely can. Read on to discover some of our top recommendations for cheap city breaks. You really don’t have to spend much to have a good time in these cities…

    1. Barcelona


    Beaches, city lights and gorgeous monuments – on the surface it does seem like Barcelona has it all. And once we dive deep into it, getting lost amongst its little streets, we see that it truly does! A weekend here promises both beach relaxation and relentless sightseeing, cocktails and tapas in lively bars, and great photo ops by one of Gaudi’s signature designs. Even better? It will cost you a lot less than in other European cities. You can grab a deal on your flights to Barcelona; plus, the cost of food and drinks is considerably lower than in Western Europe’s usual big cities. Sunshine is in higher levels though.

    2. Budapest


    A pint for less than £2, three-course meal for two for less than a fifty, and some of the most affordable hotels around? A city break to Budapest might just tick off all the boxes. Not only is Hungary’s capital gorgeous, but it’s quite affordable too – this place really isn’t charging you extra to appreciate its beauty. It does charge you to visit the museums though…However, admission is usually only around a tenner, while it’s absolutely free on national holidays!

    3. Warsaw


    Staying in Poland’s stunning capital of Warsaw comes pretty cheaply as hotels here are quite affordable. Accommodation aside, alcohol is also a lot cheaper than in other (western) parts of Europe. Eat at traditional Polish places not only to savour the local cuisine but also to enjoy the amazing prices at their best (less than £40 for a three-course meal for two including the wine). Don’t forget to look up the local attractions in advance as Warsaw’s museums offer free admission on certain days of the week. Another great way to see the city is to join a free walking tour – believe us, these streets are worth a long stroll.

    4. Lisbon


    Even though Lisbon is Portugal’s capital, it’s a lot more reasonably priced than your usual big-time capital city. Start your day with a strong espresso for less than a euro, see the top attractions (the entrance fee to Lisbon castle is €8.50 and for the Torre de Belem – €6), and finish off with a rich dinner accompanied with delicious wine (for around ten euros a bottle). Book early and also save on your flights and accommodation for a truly cheap city break holiday!

    5. Prague


    Another great value European capital, Prague makes for quite the affordable city break. You’ll notice how cheap the beer here is, but keep scanning the menu and you’ll find that the food is not that expensive either! What’s more you’re getting great beer and delicious local cuisine, we are talking quantity AND quality here (minus the hefty price tag we’ve began to expect from glam city break destinations!). An added bonus is that a lot of the city’s attractions are free, including both the Old Town square and the Charles Bridge.

    Of course, for all of the above, do use your common sense and avoid the tourist traps set right around the most popular sites, where you’ll be charged extortionate prices…Take a few steps in a random direction and discover the local places that truly make these cities divine…and super affordable, too.

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