• 5 reasons we love Amsterdam

    5 reasons we love Amsterdam

    You may often hear that Amsterdam is one of those cities that you must visit at least once in your lifetime. However, the majority of people we know that have been there once, always end up going again. There are many reasons why Amsterdam as a city attracts so many people. In fact, the figure of yearly visits to the city is expected to increase by 5% each year. The desirability of the city can’t be narrowed down to one unique thing. It’s hard to even narrow it down into five reasons! But, we did, and here are the five reasons we love Amsterdam.  

    That Homely Village Feel

    Amsterdam Architecture
    Amsterdam is renowned for its architecture, from medieval structures and renaissance buildings to its more modern-day counterparts. The city’s signature narrow buildings create an ambiance suited to a mini-town. Amsterdam is a lot smaller to other popular European cities like London and Paris. So, it is very easy to get around and it gives off a cosy and homely atmosphere.

    Its Liberalness

    First and foremost, it is clear to see the difference in Amsterdam to anywhere else in the world, simply through its sheer liberalness. Their values and tolerance are what strike you during your experience there. This is typically seen through their coffeeshops and the Red-Light District. During your stay in Amsterdam, you experience a free and chilled vibe. It’s probably because things which are so condemned around the world have a relaxed law and attitude towards them in Amsterdam. It could be argued that the Dutch’s tolerance allows them to correctly monitor activities and crack down on the illegality of these affairs. As a result, Amsterdam was named the 6th safest city in the world – the highest rank for a European city.


    In addition to this idea of tolerance, the diversity in this city is flourishing. The ethnic diversity of Amsterdam makes it one of the most multicultural in the world. Many immigrants from countries such as Suriname, Turkey and Morocco have settled in the city and shared their cultures, religions and lifestyles. This respect is also reflected in the acceptance and support of LGBTI rights and therefore Amsterdam is often considered the gay capital of Europe. Amsterdam hosts many LGBTI events throughout the year, including Pride which features a tantalizing canal parade.


    Amsterdam Stroopwafel
    There are quite a few different dishes that the Dutch specialise in. You can very easily try them from different vendors around Amsterdam whilst sight-seeing. However, if you have a sweet tooth, stroopwafels are a great choice, and trust us when we say they taste yummy! Stroopwafels are like a much smaller, thinner version of a waffle. Made with two thin layers of baked dough and a caramel filling, the stroopwafel is simple but super tasty. You can pick a pack up from one of the many souvenir shops around the city.

    Relaxing Canals

    Finally, Amsterdam’s canals are one of the main features of the city. Of course, there is plenty more to explore in the city. But, its canals are definitely a highlight which make it different from many other cities. Often referred to as the ‘Venice of the North’, Amsterdam’s UNESCO protected canal ring plays a huge role in the representation of the city. Not only is it a great tourist attraction, but it also plays host to many cultural and sporting events throughout the year. There are various ways you can experience the canals, whether it be a stroll along the canal, a bike ride or even hopping on to one of the cities canal cruises. Sometimes, one of the best ways to explore Amsterdam is through the waters which intertwine with it.

    Amsterdam Canals

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