• 5 cities you would love to revisit

    5 cities you would love to revisit

    Some places you just tick off your bucket list and you are done with. And then there are the other ones. The ones you simply crave to go back to again and again, to get lost in their streets, sample their culture, and mingle amongst their people. This is especially true when thinking of our favourite city breaks – we’re talking about that gorgeous city you once visited for a long weekend and you’ve loved ever since. The city that had  just enough time to tease you without showing you all. And you’d love to return and see everything you’ve missed out on: the sights you didn’t have time for, the food you didn’t try, the restaurants you didn’t know existed…Here are some of our top five choices for cities that you’d love to revisit.

    1. New York


    Image credit: Gavin Whitner/MusicOomph.com

    A week in the Big Apple can be truly unforgettable. City lights, world famous landmarks and fantastic shopping – a few days here will give you a taste of a New Yorker’s lifestyle…and leave you asking for more. There is simply no way you would have seen every place from your list on your first visit to New York. Or even if you did, once all these must-visit places are ticked off, it’s time to go back and appreciate everything else: a long, slow stroll in Central Park, pizza date in Brooklyn, cheesecake in a quirky coffee shop, a night out enjoying the famous New York nightlife. Come to think of it, a second visit to New York might prove even more enjoyable than the first one…

    2. Rome


    The Eternal City’s classic beauty will charm you once you set eyes on it, and after you sample its legendary local cuisine you’ll truly be head over heels for Rome. A few days spent eating delicious gelato, fresh pasta and gorgeous tiramisu, and you won’t fancy living any other way but the Italian way. You have to do it right on your first visit though: throw a coin into the waters of the Trevi Fountain and you are bound to come back here again (if the Romans say so, then it must be true).

    3. Berlin


    There are many reasons you need a return visit to Berlin. It could be to see some of the sights you missed the first time round, to have some more bratwurst, or simply to drink a lot more German beer. A stunning European capital filled with history and having its fair share of historic landmarks to match, Berlin also boasts a fantastic night scene, attracting partygoers of different ages and music preferences. Go back to Berlin to enjoy just that during the night…and during the day appreciate that very real European coffee culture. Quite a few ways to cure a hangover over here too…

    4. Barcelona


    Barcelona is not just a city: it’s a way of life. And the type that once you have a taste of, you will not wish to return to anything else. Think long sunny days surrounded by one-of-a-kind architecture; fresh seafood to your heart’s desire; delicious cocktails at sunset. Not to mention the fabulous sightseeing and endless photo ops. Barcelona boasts fantastic chilled out atmosphere that has charmed not just one and two travellers, making it the top choice when we think of cities we want to be immediately transported back to…

    5. Paris


    A long weekend in Paris might be enough to see the Eiffel Tower and the Arc de Triomphe, visit the Louvre and Notre Dame, and grab a fair share of crepes along the way. However, this is simply the beginning of your French affair. A long walk by the Left Bank, getting lost in the Latin Quarter or appreciating the best of Montmartre, are all things that are well worth your time. Plus, coming back to Paris is extra easy thanks to the Eurostar that will take you there from London in almost no time at all! And this means more time for croissants for breakfast, long hours in lively cafés, and many glasses of wine at dinner. And for that, we would all love to return to Paris at least once more.

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