• 5 reasons why a Gran Canaria holiday will make you happier

    5 reasons why a Gran Canaria holiday will make you happier

    Family holiday? Couples retreat? A catch up abroad with your mates? It doesn’t matter what the occasion is or who you’re travelling with, Gran Canaria is the place to be! Plus, if you’re looking for a dose of optimism or a spring in your step, a holiday to this Canary Island is just what the doctor ordered. Beautiful weather, blissful beaches and tons of fun activities… what more could you possibly want?

    1. There’s 60 kilometres of beaches to discover

    Maspalomas dunes
    Gran Canaria may be small, but it packs a punch! Especially when it comes to its golden sand shores. A world all of its own, it’s home to 236 kilometres of coastline and nearly 60 kilometres of beaches. Plus, with great weather, there’s no better way to get your dose of vitamin D than laying back and chilling at the beach. You’ll find popular beaches as well as lesser known, quieter ones.

    In the south of the island, Maspalomas beach is a hit! Its vast sands stretch from Playa del Inglés, wraps around fascinating golden sand dunes and ends at the Maspalomas Lighthouse by the thousand-year palm grove and lagoon. The historical lighthouse witnessed the first tourists to arrive in 1861.You can only imagine the endless holidays, fun in the sun and celebrations that have happened here since then.

    The stunning Meloneras area home to the dunes and lighthouse also offers a beautiful oceanfront promenade and newly-developed luxury hotels, boutiques, restaurants and stylish bars that even the most demanding of visitors will enjoy.

    Whether the little ones are joining you on your Gran Canaria holiday or you are planning a romantic escape, there’s a great choice of other fantastic golden sand beaches like Amadores, Taurito or the picturesque Puerto de Mógan.

    2. It’s great for adrenaline-fuelled watersports

    surfing in Gran Canaria
    The idea of thrilling watersports is enough to get your serotonin levels rising, right? Well make that idea a reality in Gran Canaria. The sea is home to jetskis, surfboards, bodyboards, hoverboards… pretty much any type of watersports board you can think of! And The island attracts avid windsurfers and kitesurfers too, making it a hub for keen wave riders.

    Gran Canaria is the perfect place to have a go at a variety of watersports, especially for beginners. Medium sized waves are great for starting off and learning sports like surfing. Whilst those who are more experienced will also find big waves around the island. If windsurfing is your thing, you’ll find plenty of spots with great conditions. Try Vargas or Pozo Izquierdo (the home of the PWA World Windsurf Championship) for an enjoyable experience.

    If you’d rather delve below the surface of Gran Canaria, then scuba diving will be right up your street. Discover the underwater world which is just full of surprises. Due to Gran Canaria’s volcanic origins and underwater wrecks, there’s loads of exquisite beauty lying at the bottom of the ocean.

    3. The outdoors is a breath of fresh air

    Gran Canaria has a diverse range of landscapes and there’s no better way to well and truly be at one with nature than going out into the island’s great outdoors. Since Gran Canaria is home to many unique nature spots, flora, fauna and geology, there’s no wonder many of its areas are protected.

    One of the most spectacular areas (and the largest) would have to be Parque Rural del Nublo. This 26,000-hectare area has been recognised by UNESCO as a Biosphere Reserve and is full of diverse plants, forests and other landscapes offering breathtaking views. The most impressive symbol of the park is Roque Nublo – a volcanic rock which stands at a remarkable 90 metres high.

    There’s plenty of activities that can get you exploring the island’s outdoors. Hop on your bike and hit the mountains! There’s a range of steep slopes complete with stunning scenery to get your mountain bike journey underway. But if you’d rather take your time to walk around and truly soak up your surroundings, try hiking instead. You could be discovering breath-taking desert-like landscapes, green forests or relaxing coastal walks. Gran Canaria’s outdoors is just what you need to get your endorphins buzzing!

    Outdoors in Gran Canaria

    4. You can see the stars

    Who doesn’t love witnessing the beauty of the universe? It acts as a reminder of just how wonderful your surroundings will be in Gran Canaria. Thanks to clean, clear skies and the high altitude, it’s that much easier to see the stars sparkling at night time. There’re loads of different spot across the island which attract those hoping to spend the night stargazing. Of course, the higher you go, the more likely you are to observe these beautiful scenes.

    Due to the perfect conditions of the island, there are plenty of observatories and centres which host activities and visits. You may get to walk around rural parts of the island, enjoy long hikes and most importantly escape the noise of daily routine. Sounds good? Temisas Observatory will do just that! Located in a picturesque enclave, this quiet place is perfect for your trip to the stars. On the other hand, Astroeduca has loads of educational fun and great trips made specifically with tourists in mind.

    Stargazing in Gran Canaria

    5. R&R in luxury

    woman sitting on a beach
    There’s no dispute that a little bit of rest and relaxation will make you happier. We all need a moment to escape reality and enjoy some well-deserved ‘me time’.

    If you’re hoping for a holiday filled with well-being activities, Gran Canaria was made for you! Start your day with a run on the beach or a yoga session on the dunes. Whilst luxury hotels offer a wide range of packages with personal trainers on demand, who can create tailor-made fitness programmes to meet your needs.

    And, what better way to focus on yourself than spending time at a spa and wellness centre in Gran Canaria? The choice of spas is superb on the island, offering sea water circuits with massage jets, tranquil Ayurveda treatments or high quality physiotherapy – whatever your choice is, you’ll be spoilt for choice.

    Wherever you end up staying, there’s no doubt that taking the time out to just ‘do nothing’ is something we can all benefit from. Spending a day (or two!) at one of Gran Canaria’s luxury spas will reset your mind, body and soul… and most importantly, it’ll put a smile on your face.

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