• 20 things to see and do in the Canary Islands

    20 things to see and do in the Canary Islands

    The Canary Islands belong to a Spanish archipelago which lies just off the northwest coast of Africa. They are known for their volcanic qualities and fabulous beaches which attract a number of tourists. The islands of Tenerife, Gran Canaria, Lanzarote and Fuerteventura are the most popular and each have their own unique sights and things to do. Other islands include El Hierro and La Gomera which are the smallest islands in the Canaries, however they still have a lot to offer. When you embark on your next trip to the Canary Islands, fill up your itinerary with these 20 things to see and do.

    Gran Canaria

    1. Visit Playa del Inglés

    This is perhaps the most popular beach on the island attracting loads of tourists during the high season. The beach is lined with hotels, restaurants and shops.

    shot of Playa del Ingles

    Image by Marco Verch | Flickr

    2. Roque Nublo

    This is the most iconic rock in Gran Canaria, making it perhaps one of the most symbolic views on the island. There are a number of trails which allow you to make your way to the top of this impressive formation.

    man sitting on cliff overlooking Roque Nublo

    Photo by Miltiadis Fragkidis | Unsplash

    3. Maspalomas Dunes

    These sand dunes can be found in the south of the island creating a desert-like stretch across a 404-hectare area.

    shot of Maspalomas Dunes

    Image by Adam Kontor | Pixabay

    4. Las Palmas Cathedral

    The Roman Catholic Santa Ana Cathedral located in the capital of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. It has a stunning exterior which is a cause for admiration.

    Shot of Santa Ana Cathedral

    Image from Wikimedia Commons


    5. El Cotillo Beach

    Situated in the northwest of Fuerteventura is El Cotillo beach. As well as being a great sandy beach to relax on, it is even better for those who love to surf!

    men with surfboards at El Cotillo Beach

    Image by Eddy Billard | Unsplash

    6. Corralejo Natural Park

    Yet another area full of sand dunes! This huge area is preserved on the island and features vast stretches of sand dunes, accompanied by sparkling beaches.

    car on road passing Corralejo Natural Park

    Image by Myke Simon | Unsplash

    7. Kite Festival

    The sand dunes aren’t just sand, sometimes they’re full of colour. Every year, Fuerteventura’s sand dunes host a kite festival where hundreds of kites take flight into the sky.

    kites in sky during Fuerteventura beach festival

    Image by ClausF | Pixabay

    8. Lobos Islands

    Whilst in Fuerteventura, make sure you head over to the Lobos Islands. Laying just north of Fuerteventura, these islands have a preserved area full of birdlife and fauna.

    view of Los Lobos islands

    Image by Drew Vernon | Unsplash


    9. Teide National Park

    A trip to Teide National Park not only takes you to a UNESCO listed site, but to Spain’s highest mountain which is Teide volcano. Explore craters and lava flows whilst you’re here too.

    rocks in Teide National Park

    Image by James Baldwin | Unsplash

    10. Los Gigantes

    Located on Tenerife’s west coast, these cliffs are… yep, you guessed it, gigantic! These iconic cliffs are one of the most significant sights on the island, so you have to give them a visit.

    view of Los Gigantes at sunset

    Image by Svetlana Gumerova | Unsplash

    11. Barranco del Infierno

    If you’re looking for an action-packed holiday in Tenerife, head to Barranco del Infierno. You’ll find a picturesque hiking trail complete with a waterfall and gorge, as well as lush flora and fauna.

    view of hiking trail at Barranco del Infierno

    Image by Ronny Siegal | Flickr

    12. Botanical Gardens

    Who doesn’t love a botanical garden? Roam around these grounds in Puerto de la Cruz, featuring a number of exotic and tropical plants for a lovely day out.

    lake and trees of Botanical gardens in Puerto de la Cruz

    Image by Tim Niblett | Flickr


    13. Jameos del Agua

    The Canary Islands have many volcanic characteristics and one of them are these volcanic caves in Lanzarote. These caves are open for visitors to explore, they feature a restaurant and even a concert hall! It’s so fascinating that we’ve included Jameos del Agua on our ultimate Lanzarote checklist!

    view of pool at Jameos del Agua at night time

    14. Timanfaya National Park

    This national park puts Lanzarote’s volcanic scenery on display, allowing you to enter the park on foot, by coach or by camel. Whilst there, enjoy a meal at the site’s geothermal restaurant.

    view of Timanfaya National Park

    Image by Kim Nergaard | Unsplash

    15. Papagayo Beach

    Looking for a beach holiday whilst in Lanzarote? Head to Papagayo Beach. It features golden sands and bright blue waters.

    view of Papagayo Beach

    Image by Thibault Mokuenko | Unsplash

    La Gomera

    16. Roque Agando

    You would know by now that rock formations are a common aspect in the Canary Islands. Roque Agando is La Gomera’s version.

    view of Roque Agando

    Image from Wikimedia Commons

    17. Hermigua

    This stunning area of La Gomera offers many natural sights, from small villages to even more rock formations and canyons. Make your way to Hermigua beach for ultimate relaxation.

    view of Hermigua

    Image from Wikimedia Commons

    El Hierro

    18. Charco Azul

    El Hierro, the smallest of the Canaries is home to Charco Azul which features amazing little swimming pools. Created by volcanic activity, have a bathe in these turquoise waters and rejuvenate.

    pebbles at Charco Azul

    Image from Wikimedia Commons

    19. Mirador de la Pena

    If views are what you’re looking for, this is the place for you. One of the best viewpoints on El Hierro, enjoy the scenic views of the island.

    view of Mirado de la Pena in El Hierro

    Image by Wikimedia Commons

    20. Candelaria Chapel Frontera

    This beautiful little chapel really is a sight to see. Resting in the shadow of the island’s volcanic mountains, it is well and truly encapsulated by towering sights.

    views of El Hierro

    Views of El Hierro – Image by Jose Mesa | Flickr

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