• Why we love Bulgaria

    Why we love Bulgaria

    Beautiful and unique, Bulgaria is a country full of surprises. As more and more travellers discover its beauties, it’s better to book your Bulgaria holiday now before everyone else does. Savour this hidden gem of a destination and you might just end up falling for it. Why visit Bulgaria? Keep on reading to discover just some of our reasons to love Bulgaria…

    Versatile holidays

    There are not many countries that can offer you both stunning beach holidays and fab ski resorts, yet Bulgaria is one of them! The climate here is defined by high temperatures from May to September and cold, snowy nights December to March.

    Hit Bulgaria’s Black Sea coast between June and September if you want to top up that tan. And enjoy some gorgeous cocktails on a gloriously sandy beach. Or visit its picturesque mountains in winter and hit the slopes for a very affordable ski holiday. No matter the time of year, you can count on delicious local cuisine and gorgeous surroundings. So your holiday snaps will be top notch too (and we all know how important that is!).

    Brilliant beaches

    Bulgaria’s beaches might not be that famous worldwide but there are some pluses to that! They are yours to be discovered. Granted, you still get the busy touristy areas, but then take a few steps off the beaten path and you’ll find some lovely, quieter spots.

    Lesser known Tsarevo beach. Away from the crowds. Just golden sandy shores

    Lesser known Tsarevo beach. Away from the crowds. Just sandy shores | Image Credit: Nikolay Hristov on Unsplash

    If you go to famous Sunny Beach or lively Golden Sands, you can count on (you guessed it) long sunshine hours and golden beaches, but also on plenty of beach bars pumping house music and serving colourful cocktails. The party here can go on from dusk till dawn, sunrise to sunset – no rest for the wicked.

    However, go to a place less discovered and you can count on sandy, secluded beaches. Less noise, less people, more nature and just the same azure sea. Places like Obzor offer both great resorts and quieter beaches. While Nessebar is also a UNESCO world heritage site. You can see pretty impressive historical sights here, with a gorgeous backdrop provided by the sparkling Black Sea.

    Delicious cuisine

    The local food is absolutely fantastic and you are bound to love it! A lot of this is down to the fresh local produce. Enjoy fruit and veg the way they are supposed to taste. You might have thought salads were meant to be boring and just for the healthy-lifestyle ones, but you might very well change your mind here. The locals love a good Shopska Salad (a bit like a Greek salad but with its own regional charm) or a Snejanka (made of Bulgarian yoghurt and cucumbers, and usually covered in walnuts) with their rakia (the strong local drink that you should be drinking with caution…and don’t down it on your fist sip).


    Bulgarian Shopska Salad is best enjoyed with a strong Rakia

    A traditional starter, the Bulgarian salad puts the perfect beginning to every meal. After that follow up with a delicious meaty dish or try out the seafood. If you are staying by the sea, it would be rude not to! You might recognise some of the local dishes if you’ve been on a holiday to Greece or Turkey before – this is regional Balkan food at its finest.

    Stunning historical sites

    Combine your beach holiday with proper sightseeing. In Bulgaria, you’ll find yourself stumbling across ancient Roman sights and amphitheatres, old towns and traditional houses, churches and history museums aplenty. Landmarks telling  a story more than 2000 years long, making Bulgaria a must visit for history buffs.

    A trip to the ancient city of Nessebar is always worth it with its sun-splashed ruins and old fishing village vibes. This is a coastal town with a rich history dating back to Thracian times. It’s here where you’ll discover magnificent archaeological sites which date mostly from the Hellenistic period. Amongst them the acropolis, a temple of Apollo, an agora and a wall from the Thracian fortification. Byzantine monuments from the Middle Ages can also be seen.

    In Varna (a stone’s throw away from Golden Sands), you’ll find Roman baths and a history museum, while the capital of Sofia boasts an archaeological museum, early Christian churches and the stunning Alexander Nevsky Cathedral. If you are staying in Bansko or Borovets, do take the trip to the absolutely stunning Rila Monastery too.

    Natural beauty

    Bulgaria sure is a thing of undisputed natural beauty. Filled with lush green mountains and ravishing valleys, striking rose fields and a seemingly endless coastline, this is a place of colourful contrasts. From Rila Mountain’s highest peaks to the Black Sea’s finest beaches, enjoy some serious picture-perfect gorgeousness.


    What’s more, the Balkan range reaches all the way to the coast, meaning most of those sunny resorts benefit from a stunning mountain backdrop. The mountains looming behind you in the distance and your toes dipped into the crystal clear sea waters? Saltiness in the refreshing air, heat a lot more bearable thanks to the lush surroundings? No wonder we love Bulgaria so much…

    Undisturbed beauty. Image credit: Straho | Unsplash

    Cheap ski resorts

    You love to indulge in the more expensive winter sports but don’t necessary have the budget to do so to your heart’s content? Bulgaria confidently strides in to fix all your budget issues – a cheap ski holiday is indeed a thing here. Choose between Bansko, Borovets and Pamporovo for best results.

    The slopes are great, the snow is powdery, the skies are clear, and the sun is piercingly bright. What more could you ask for? Hot chocolate in a cosy little hut, bold yet reasonably priced red wine, a fire burning in the corner, a delicious stew coming right your way with a warm, buttery pitta accompanying it…Well, you’ve got all this set up and ready for you. Prices here are still pretty low compared to the busier ski resorts of Europe.

    Image credit Christian Stoyanov | Unsplash

    Sound like a cheap holiday? Well it is, but it’s also truly gorgeous and incredibly diverse. A holiday to Bulgaria offers fantastic and unpretentious cuisine, friendly locals famed for their hospitality, and those all-important golden beaches (not to mention a spectacular nightlife!), making this place a very easy one to love!


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